Deceit Update 2021.8.1 Patch Notes | Gameplay Changes

Automaton Games has just deployed Deceit Update 2021.8.1 and we have the complete patch notes for your reading pleasure. The new update includes changes to how the game flows with the number of Fuse Boxes per area being reduced alongside the requirement for blood for executions increasing as well.

The update is available globally as a mandatory download on all supported platforms. You can find all relevant information for Deceit Patch Notes: Update 2021.8.1 down below. The file size for the update has still not been revealed.

Deceit Patch Notes: Update 2021.8.1

Here are the complete patch notes for Deceit Update 2021.8.1 coming out to all supported platforms:

Patch Notes
  • One Fuse Box has been removed from each area, bringing it down to 4/3/2.
  • Fuse & Tamper Boxes will now make a much louder noise, that can be heard from a significant distance away, if they were hit to be destroyed. If you wish to do this stealthily, interacting with these objects is much quieter.
  • The Fuse Boxes in the final area now reduce 30s of time, in line with the other areas. The total amount of time that can be reduced in this area is the same as before this patch.
  • The amount of blood required to get the later executions has been slightly increased. It still only take 3 blood to get your first execution.
  • You can now hover over the score multiplier at the end of the game to see where you got your bonuses from.
  • Queueing Ranked will once again show how many others are currently in queue.
  • You will no longer get a dodge penalty if you leave whilst being electrocuted (voted out).
  • Our in-game translations have been updated thanks to our Communtiy Translators!
  • [FIXED] Players are able to get double the intended time reduction from each Fuse Box.
  • [FIXED] Several challenges are unable to be completed (including “Day Period #5”, “Night Period #4” & “Objectives #3”).
  • [FIXED] Challenges that require you to do certain actions within one area don’t always work (for example “Alex #3”).

See you in-game!

The Deceit Team

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