Deep Rock Galactic November 11 Update Patch Notes (Patch 2)

Ghost Ship Games has just deployed Deep Rock Galactic November 11 Update and we have the complete patch notes for you to go through. The update adds in tons of crash and bug fixes to the game with a few improvements being made to some weapon issues.

The update is available globally as a mandatory download. You can find all the relevant information regarding Deep Rock Galactic November 11 Update down below.

Deep Rock Galactic Patch Notes: November 11 Update

Here are the complete patch notes for Deep Rock Galactic November 11 Update coming out for all supported platforms:

Hello Miners,

We have fixed a couple of crashes including what we believe is a fix for the crash on load for many windows 7/8 players. We also made a number of improvements to missions and fixed some weapon issues.


The Ghost Ship Crew


  • [COMMUNITY REQUEST] The Minehead is now visible on Terrain Scanner
  • The Minehead in Point Extraction now has an outline when using the Laser Pointer (similar to the platform in Refinery)
  • Fix for crash on load for win 7/8 players
  • Unified shortcuts for switching characters in various terminals. You can now use A/D or Q/E for switching
  • Buying a DLC will now show a notification next to the unlocked vanity items and skins
  • Fixed a crash related to fading lights
  • Fixed a crash related to late joining
  • Fixed some rare crashes related to the modding system
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes happen, when getting info of a mod from modio
  • Attempt to fix crash related to end of level
  • Fixed a bug that caused Tritilyte Deposit – Nanite Bomb Dispenser to land inside Data Vault – Force Field (added more precise check for important locations)
  • Fixed a bug that caused magnificent long moustaches to not layer on top of beards but instead clip through
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Omen towers health bar to always be grey for clients, even if module was vulnerable
  • Fixed colour for details on armor paint job that were not right
  • Fixed material setting for the rim on tech trooper helmet to the right setting
  • Fixed some skinning issues on the Scout’s MK2 Armor
  • Fixed the generated icons that sometimes were missing geometry
  • Fixed the colour on the Supply Pod beacon (now back to yellow)
  • Fixed Personal Drop Pod beacon being visible for too long (player landing could see it)
  • Fixed Sniper Turret laser beams were not flashing right before firing
  • Fixed burst turrets thinking they were folded out too early, resulting in them firing in a seemingly random direction
  • Added Player collision to the facility turrets
  • Removed collider on Repulsion Turrets that were not needed
  • Added a range indicator when you pick up the first Transmitter Node around the Hacking Pod
  • The Patrol Bot now has new navigation software that allows it to fly closer to the cave ceiling without poking its head through it.
  • Fixed a bug that made you remain unequipped when dropping a carriable
  • Weapon is no longer hidden when sometimes exiting use montage
  • You no longer get disarmed when dropping a carriable, and no longer deposit with a weapon while depositing a gem
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Subata ‘Mactera Toxin-Coating’ modification to not show bonus value against Mactera enemies
  • Fixed a bug with the Zhukov’s sound that made it play a short firing sound after firing
  • Fixed a bug that caused damage registration issues for the Hurricane’s Plasma Burster OC for clients
  • Fixed a bug that caused ammo to be consumed and fired, but not deal damage if you were downed while acquiring locks with LOK-1 Smart Rifle
  • Fixed a bug that made the LOK-1 Smart Rifle add more than max locks if you start to fire while shooting with max locks
  • Fixed a bug were if the LOK-1 Smart Rifle shots were interrupted by sprinting, next use would not lock on to enemies
  • Fixed a bug that caused the LOK-1 Smart Rifle to not work on the OMEN Exterminator for clients
  • Tweaked the LOK-1 Smart Rifle gunsling animation to minimize jitter.. It’s still there, but it’s much improved.
  • Fixed the Season Challenge timer. It unintentionally counted from you logging in (example: you log in 28 hours after a new challenge timer, you would get 1 new challenge and a new 24 hour timer. The 4 hours extra should be counted towards next challenge, so the timer now would say 20 hours)
  • Fixed the Season Challenges text in the Mission Map and Character Selection Terminal lacking margin
  • Fixed up pathfinder collision on the Data Deposit
  • Scripted and normal waves are now disabled during the Data Deposit event
  • Increased limit of patrol bots that can be alive before Prospector steps out of the immunity state.
  • Prospector stays in an immunity state when the limit of alive Patrol Bots (not hacked) has been reached, instead of only exceeded.
  • Tweaked the wave difficulty for solo players that fight the Prospector. It should now be easier.
  • Tweaked the Shredder wave difficulty during the Prospector Season Event

Known issue:

  • Changing weapons while carrying objects causes a purely visual issue, leaving your weapon floating mid-air.
  • Do not Rock & Stone while putting filled Canisters back into Doretta – It makes you unable to use E. This is the only time it is acceptable not to Rock & Stone!!

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