Dirt 5 Update 4.01 Patch Notes | Liveries Bug Fix

Dirt 5 Update 4.01 Hotfix has been released on every supported platform, and we have our hands on the patch notes. Since Dirt 5 Update 4.01 was filled to the brim with new content, including the new Uproar Pack, it was only a matter of time before some pesky bugs were found in the game. This hotfix addresses all of them while also addressing some critical errors that hindered gameplay.

Currently, we’re not aware of the update size, but the update is available on all platforms. The developers have cited numerous bug fixes and improvements in the new update. However, no new content has been released.

Dirt 5 Update 4.01 Hotfix Patch Notes

Dirt 5 Update 4.01 Hotfix

Dirt 5 Update 4.01 Hotfix has just been released on April 6, 2021. The new update addresses a critical error found within the game and is available on Windows, PlayStation, and Google Stadia. Here are the complete patch notes.

  • This hotfix resolves the error of some or all of the iconic liveries added in 4.00 not being free to all players. All DIRT 5 players will be able to use the new iconic liveries once this hotfix is installed. This Hotfix will also be released on Xbox in the coming days.

As mentioned above, this error persists on the Xbox. A new update should be coming out soon, which addresses this error on all Microsoft consoles.

This concludes everything you needed to know about the update. If you want to learn more about game news and patch notes, make sure to check out our Patch Notes section.

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