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You can now download Wild Rift 2.1 APK here for Android devices, which has been finally released by Riot Games. If you are in a region that is part of the Open Beta, you can download the game directly from the Google Play Store or the App Store. If that isn’t the case, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with official APK link for the game. The new update features the Spectator Mode’s much-requested arrival alongside the addition of new Champions Xayah and Rakan.

Riot Games’ League of Legends: Wild Rift has taken the gaming world by storm. The mobile MOBA has constantly been receiving new updates, with new champions being ported into the game almost every week. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that many players are leaning towards playing the game in a more competitive nature. Thankfully, Season 2’s Spectator Mode updates help achieve the goal of turning the game into a proper mobile e-sport.

Wild Rift 2.1: New Features

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Wild Rift 2.1 has tons of new features and content. As mentioned earlier, the game now has a spectator replay mode that allows you to watch 50 of your most recent matches. You can also spectate your friend’s games live if you want to whilst finding your own match. Moreover, the Lunar Beast, Sweetheart, Cosmic, and Heartseeker Skin Sets are now available for purchase within the game. Here are some of the major changes made to the game:

  • Spectator and Replay Mode Added
  • Sweetheart, Heartseeker, Cosmic Dawn and Lunar Beast Skin Sets Added
  • Xayah and Rakan Added
  • Jarvan, Corki, Jax , Tristana, Yasuo and Kai’sa Buffed
  • Kennen and Lee Sin Nerfed
  • In-Game Chat Settings Updated

Here are the free-to-play champion rotations for this update:

Feb 4 – Feb 10: Aurelion Sol, Darius, Ezreal, Fizz, Jax, Jhin, Lee Sin, Shyvana, Sona, Soraka

Feb 11 – Feb 17: Amumu, Braum, Camille, Draven, Graves, Nami, Varus, Wukong, Zed, Ziggs

Apart from the above new champion updates, the following events are going to make your Wild Rift experience worthwhile:

  • Join the celebration in the Lunar Beast event (February)
  • Watch game replays and spectate your friends’ epic plays…or fails (February)
  • Ascend with Diana, Leona and Pantheon (March)
  • Suit up with new skins, including Omega Squad, Sweetheart, and PROJECT (February – April)

You can look at the complete Wild Rift 2.1 patch notes here: League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 2.1 Notes

Download Wild Rift 2.1 APK + OBB Data

Just like any other update, downloading and installing Wild Rift is quite simple to download and install. The APK itself is about 95 MB in size. You will need to update your previous installation on your Android phone. You can download the APK here:

Step 1 – After completing the download enable the, Install From Unknown Sources option.

Step 2 – Find the APK on your phone using your File Manager

Step 3 – Open the APK and select the Update option. You should now be able to launch the game.

If you are unable to launch the game properly, you might need to re-download the file while also uninstalling your previous setup of the game. If your game feels laggy after logging in, make sure to reduce your graphics settings as the game is set to the High preset by default.

That’s everything you needed to know about the new League of Legends: Wild Rift 2.1 update and how you can download its APK. We’re going to be covering everything new about the update in the coming days alongside any particular major changes that might have shifted the meta.

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