Download Rogue Company Elite APK for Android Devices

You can download the latest Rogue Company Elite APK here for Android devices, the recent most being the closed beta release. The new Rogue Company APK and OBB data files can now be downloaded for sideloading on any Android phone or tablet. Fans of the game are already excited for the upcoming mobile shooter, and with the beta testing going on right now for Android users – the hype is on!

Rogue Company Elite is a brand new standalone, fast-paced third person shooter built for mobile platforms by the First Watch Games team. It features stunning visuals and plenty of customization options for the controls, loadouts, characters and there will be meaningful progression to work your way through. You can already pre-register for Rogue Company Mobile on the official site and expect any email soon for the invitation – for Android users only.

Rogue Company Elite – Features:

The following is a list of all the new features you can expect with the launch of Rogue Company Elite on both, Android and iOS devices:

  • Go Rouge on Mobile: You can experience the same Rogue Company gameplay and features from Hi-Rez Studios, tailored to mobile platforms.
  • Build Your Arsenal: You can set custom loadouts to quickly switch between depending on your match strategy and the gameplay mode.
  • Find Your Squad: Rogue Elite is a full-on multiplayer shooter where you will be able to find like-minded players and team up to form a squad.
  • Multiple Maps: Just like the PC version, there will be several maps to choose from and play in.
  • High Graphics: You will get to play in console-like HD graphics right on your mobile screen, and enjoy the same Rogue experience you are used to.

First Watch Games have yet to announce a formal list of features and options coming to Rogue Elite. For now, this is everything we know and this list will be updated once more information is revealed.

Here is an 8-minutes gameplay showing you the full game experience in a competitive match and is running at maximum graphics:

YouTube video
Rogue Company Elite Gameplay Video – Credits: AnonymousYT

You can now go ahead and now download the latest beta Rogue Company Mobile APK + OBB files for Android phones and tablets.

Download Rogue Company Elite APK (Closed Beta)

You can download the latest version of Rogue Company Elite APK (and OBB file) down below from these direct download links. Please note, not all Android phones and specifications are currently supported as part of the Closed Beta (CBT) launch period.

However, you can expect to have newer devices included in the compatibility list as the game is further developed and optimized for more devices, chipsets and setups.

Rogue Company Elite APKDownload
Rogue Company Elite OBBDownload
Size1.0 GB
DeveloperFirst Watch Games
PublisherHi-Rez Studios
Current VersionCBT
Last Updated OnSeptember 2022
Download Rogue Company Elite APK

Note: APKS files are installed via special apps such as Split APKs Installer.

How to Install Rogue Company Elite APK?

To install this Rogue Company Mobile APK on Android, simply follow these instructions:

  • Download the Rogue Company Elite APK file from the link above and copy it to your Android device
  • Then you have to enable installation of apps from unknown sources. Go to Settings > Security > Unknown source installations > Enable
  • After that you need to locate the app and install it on your device
  • The process to install APKS files is similar, the only difference is that APKS is not installed automatically. For that purpose you need a dedicated app like Split APKs Installer
  • Launch the game and can now play Rogue Company Elite!

How to Fix “You are not licensed to play.” Error

Are you getting this “You are not licensed to play.” error after installing the Rogue Company Elite APK? There is a small workaround you can try to make game work. However, you need to note that the development team has not added support for newer Android devices than the last closed beta round.

To fix this error, try to first uninstall the game. Then clear cache of the Google Play Store app on your Android phone. Once that is done, re-install the Rogue Company Elite APK by following the above instructions.

Is Rogue Company Elite Cross-platform?

Yes, Rogue Company Elite will have full cross-platform support between the Android and iOS platforms and will feature crossplay. However, this game will not be compatible with the consoles and PC versions of Rogue Company because Rogue Elite users play on the same servers for all mobile platforms.

Can I Play Rogue Company Elite with Keyboard and Mouse?

Yes, you can play Rogue Company Elite with a keyboard and mouse during the Closed Beta testing period. However, the developers have not yet confirmed or acknowledged if the final build of the game will have this same support. Most FPS shooters do not allow the use of external devices for any unfair advantage to the players.

How to Pre-Register for Rogue Company Elite Closed Beta?

Download Rogue Company Elite APK

To sign-up for the official Closed Beta test, you need to visit the Rogue Company Elite website and fill the form with your platform preference and other details. You can then expect an email from the developers over the next few days on instructions on how to download, install and provide feedback regarding the latest build of Rogue Company Elite APK.

Rogue Company Elite Verizon Beta FAQ

Verizon customers can sign-up for access to the beta through the Verizon Up Program starting today to be prepared for when it goes live on their platform. This beta will be available to Android and iOS devices and will be exclusive to Verizon Wireless with extra rewards.

When will the Beta go live?

The iOS beta will be live later this week Thursday, August 18th. The Android beta will go live at a later date, to be announced.

Is this promotion for Verizon customers only?

Yes, this promotion is exclusive for customers of Verizon Wireless enrolled in Verizon Up Rewards. If you’re a Verizon customer, download the “My Verizon” app or visit to sign up for access.

How long does the promotion last?

Players can redeem this promotion all throughout the remainder of August, however the beta will continue on into September. Make sure to redeem your key before August 31st, and you’ll have access until beta ends.

This is everything latest we have for the Rogue Company Elite APK download right now. Since the game is still under active development, there is a good chance a lot of features could change by the final launch or the public beta. We will keep you updated as soon as more information is revealed and new builds of the game come out.

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