Dyson Sphere Program Update Patch Notes on August 12

Youthcat Studio has deployed this latest Dyson Sphere Program Update and here are the complete list of patch notes. In addition to the optimization and fix of the Blueprint system, today the developers also bring a brand new “Performance Test” tool. You can use it to detect how much computer performance each part of your production line consumes.

You should be able to download and install Dyson Sphere Program Update directly from the Steam client. All the relevant information you need to know regarding this patch has been covered below.

Dyson Sphere Program Update Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for Dyson Sphere Program Update that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:


  • Added sand and dust VFX for Arid Desert.
  • Added the “Performance Test” function to the statistics panel. You can see real-time CPU consumption, GPU rendering works and savedata length analysis to optimize the production line.
  • Added the real-time path calculation logic of the Dyson Sphere Rocket into the multi-threaded system.


  • Modified the logic of automatic wrap-line longitude calculating in the blueprint area in the Blueprint copy mode.
  • Adjusted the logic of delete buildings in Blueprint. Now the Conveyor Belts connected to this building will be automatically removed.
  • Now the entries with both production and consumption of 0 are not displayed in the production statistics panel.


  • Lowlevel code fix: Fixed the bug that the Conveyor Belt’s renderer VRAM was not deleted after it had been deleted.
  • Fixed the bug that the slot connection may be misaligned when using the Blueprint to restore the Sorter.

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