Elite Dangerous: Odyssey November 5 Update Patch Notes | Stuttering Fix

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey November 5 Update has just been released and we have the complete patch notes for you to go through. The update fixes Stuttering in the game where you would go out and about on foot.

The update is available globally on all supported platforms. However, the maintenance period will start off at 12:30 UTC for which servers will be down for an hour or so. You can find all the relevant information for Elite Dangerous Odyssey November 5 Update down below.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Patch Notes | November 5 Update

Here are the complete patch notes for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey November 5 Update coming out for all supported platforms:

Greetings Commanders o7

Hot of the “fix-press”, we’ve got another response update on the way for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Commanders shortly, to address a noticable issue with the game “stuttering” when you’re out and about on foot.

Today at approximately 12:30 UTC we will be rolling out a fix for the “Settlement Stutter” in the form of a client update.
This means you will need to install an update to your game once deployment is complete.

Unfortunately it won’t be a “stealth rollout” (where the servers don’t need to come offline), so…

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey servers (only) will be offline for a brief duration (no more than 10 minutes).
The Issue:

  • Commanders have been noticing progressively more, that during settlement and general on-foot interactions a sudden “stutter” in performance occurs.

Results from Investigation:
“Nav-mesh: An area that allows AI to “plan” sensible routes around their location in game, according to their designated destination.

  • Nav-mesh was being built around all of the many, many rocks on planet surfaces (expensive ask, that!), but as settlement AI never leave their settlement posts, there’s no need for nav-mesh generation out of their patrol boundaries.

The Fix:

  • Removing the rocks from the navmesh generation in this instance stops a situation where the game was “stuttering” in order to catch up with this mass coverage.

PLEASE NOTE: This fix is not a targeted fix to improve frame rate issues.


The team continue to work on general optimisation/performance issues around significant drops in optimal framerates as an ongoing endeavour as part of the forthcoming update 9.​

Known Issues:
Once again, a little nod to the immediate known issues from very recent forum conversations and a few others (please continue to note that there are obviously more individual experience reports coming in PLUS legacy issues which aren’t listed here, of course – this doesn’t mean that all of those suddenly don’t count, (like the “blue tunnel hang when jumping”…I’ll stop you there before you use it’s unofficial name). Just making a top level short list to keep minds at ease.)

  • Crash to Desktop investigations.
  • NPCs either freezing up, refusing to capture points or just all out not behaving as expected during CZ.
    • Investigations continue. HIGH PRIORITY.
  • Yellow Adder disconnects when selling cargo.
    • Investigations continue.
  • Commanders are needing to reboot to Horizons to pay fines.
    • Totally on it and confirmed as “On-Foot terminals only appear to be showing ship bounties”.
  • Incorrect display of 5+ influence reward.
    • Investigations continue.
  • Storage space upgrade in relation to loss of data issues.
  • ‘Blue Cobra’ (I think you’ll find there’s only room for Pink Cobra around here…) errors when killing Assassination/Massacre/Bounty mission targets.
    • Investigations underway.
  • Hatch Breakers:”When using a Hatch Breaker Limpet on any Cargo Hatch or Escape Pod on a non-dockable megaship an error occurs”.
    • Still on it.
  • Strange behaviour around Unrestricted Access areas acting Restricted.
    • Instances of Commanders being attacked for being in a Restricted Areas, but the area was not restricted.
    • Still on it.
  • Facilities list in System Map is appearing blank (all platforms).
    • Still on it.
  • Delayed loading of stations (pop!)
    • Still on it.
  • “Backward Engine Trails”.
    • Still on it.
  • An issue with premium ammo on Hammer Gauss Cannons and incorrect damage increase.
    • Investigating.

Random side note:

  • @Cori very kindly pointed out that “some of the latest GALNET news articles were missing the text-to-speech option”.
    • This will be sorted ‘on the stealthy side’ very shortly (if it isn’t already).​

Elite Dangerous is now available for the consoles and PC. If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

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  1. Are you sure that AI never leave their patrol boundaries? Can they not be motivated to deviate from their patrol with ..lets say a plasma rifle?

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