Enlisted Update Patch Notes

The developers at Darkflow Software have just released Enlisted Update, and we have the complete list of official patch notes for you to read. This latest patch brings a brand new mission Gorge to the Battle of Tunisia campaign. Moreover, this patch also includes new buildings, mission options, general tasks, locations, and campaign improvements to the game.

This patch is available to download and install on PlayStation and Xbox. PC users might be receiving the same patch in a couple of days. The actual file size of this update hasn’t been revealed yet. You can find all the relevant information regarding Enlisted Update in the following section.

Enlisted Patch Notes: Update

Here is the complete list of official patch notes for Enlisted Update, currently rolling out on PlayStation and Xbox platforms:


  • Missions, locations and campaigns
  • Added a new mission “Gorge (Destruction)” to the “Battle of Tunisia” campaign.
  • Added new buildings to the “Gorge (Destruction)” mission in the “Battle of Tunisia” campaign.
  • Added mission options in Destruction mode, in which the Axis army is attacked.
  • The player is now given time to choose another respawn point if the current one becomes unavailable – for example, due to being destroyed by the enemy.
  • Changes to the Tank Training mission:
    • stages and waypoint reorganization;
    • waypoints made bigger so that players cannot possibly miss them;
    • moved late shooting stages to another waypoint;
    • resupply is now located enroute to the 2nd shooting point.

Squads and AI-soldiers

  • AI-soldiers are now better able to avoid blocking the player’s view.
  • Started the introduction of a new soldier training mechanism, as well as made some changes to the ranking system of soldiers.
    • You can no longer call up soldiers for Bronze orders. Calling for Silver and Gold orders remains.
    • Soldiers can now get Bronze orders for experience in battles twice as often.
    • A possibility to level premium and promote soldiers to the highest rank has been added.
    • Academy has been removed. Now the rank of a soldier can be increased directly for the Bronze orders for soldiers.
    • When upgrading, the rank no longer resets the level and ability, as it was in the Academy.
    • Now, when replacing the ability, soldier level has been reduced by one, and you can choose a new ability after levelling in battle. Retraining points are no longer issued, but any accumulated will remain and will work.
  • Orders of artillery strike, player treatment and ammo replenishment will now have a higher priority for the squad’s AI-soldiers than personal orders. Previously given personal orders will be reset if the player needs any of the above.


  • The Carcano Mod. 38 – bayonet knife model has been replaced with an authentic one.
  • The Carcano Mod. 41 now comes with the Carcano M1891 bayonet. This change will only affect rifles received after this update.
  • Weapon type RMN-50 changed to mortar, now only “Mortarman” and “Trooper” classes can use it (all previously equipped RMN-50 will be automatically removed).

Graphics and Interface

  • Now before changing the combat zone in the mission, the map will flash its new boundaries.
  • Improved reflections on water.
  • Changed antialiasing settings to be more intuitive.
  • Changed the player’s name color in the kill-log for group members.
  • Now the names of grenades and mines are displayed in the kill-log.

Other changes

  • Added tasks to the daily Battle tasks list to play battles for a specified side in the Tunis campaign.
  • The Ready Button in the Respawn Menu is no longer reset if either side begins to capture a point.
  • The suspended bombs on the Bf 109 F-2 have been disabled, as its opponent on the opposing team does not have them.
  • Now after dying in a “Training” mission, respawn will take place at the last checkpoint instead of the beginning of the mission.
  • Mine in hand no longer allows you to fight hand-to-hand.
  • Added the ability to use the sifter ladder in the Quarry mission.


  • Added HDR support to XBOX.


  • Fixed a bug that caused injured AI-soldiers during self-treatment not to be re-bandaged.
  • AI-soldiers no longer try to get out of a trench or, on the contrary, get into it with a circuitous route, now they get out of a trench and get into it from the nearest edge.
  • AI-soldiers now better use cover in battle.
  • Fixed the Daimler Mk II machine gun ammo.
  • Fixed bugs that could prevent the radio operator from calling for artillery strikes.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the target vehicles in the tank training to have no crew, which made it impossible to complete the mission.
  • Fixed incorrect operation of the ability to change the type of the next shell in the tank during reloading.
  • Fixed the absence of vehicle description in the hangar.
  • Fixed visual defects in locations “Battle for Tunisia” and “Battle for Moscow” campaigns.
  • Fixed angles of turn of machine gun turrets of T-28 tanks.
  • Order for a squad to use a vehicle is no longer reset when capturing a sector.
  • Repeated clicking on the respawn point no longer resets the point selection.
  • Fixed the behavior of AI-soldiers who could run after a grenade that was about to explode.
  • Fixed a number of bugs which could cause AI-soldiers to get stuck in some parts of the location or to spin on the spot.
  • Digging now removes grass.
  • Boys ATR and Pavesi M42 – fixed endless ammo refills in boxes.
  • Fixed the bug which prevented a player from taking a place in a vehicle occupied by another player’s dead soldier.
  • Fixed the damage and kill points calculation when throwing a grenade.
  • Fixed inability to throw a grenade in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug that caused icons in the vehicle menu to block the name of the weapon.
  • Console only: the sight will now return to the initial position after firing, if the recoil was not fully compensated. This is a test change which may be undone.

Enlisted is now out for the PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms. If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

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