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Darkflow has just released Enlisted Update 1.000.034, and we have the complete patch notes for your reading pleasure. The new update includes the “At the Reichstag Walls” update, amongst many other things. It is available on all supported platforms.

While we do not have a file size for the update, you can expect it to be about 1-2 GB considering the sheer amount of content added in Enlisted Update 1.000.034. You will need to download the update before you can play the game.

Enlisted Update 1.000.034 Patch Notes

Enlisted Update 1.000.034

Here are the complete patch notes for Enlisted Update 1.000.034:


“Invasion of Normandy” campaign:

  • Flamethrower М2
  • Flammenwerfer 41
  • M1A1 Thompson
  • Beretta M38 with a 40-round magazine
  • Johnson M1941
  • Gewehr 41

“Battle for Moscow” campaign:

  • AVS-36
  • ZH-29
  • PTRS 41
  • GrB-39
  • Arisaka Type 38 carbine 1905
  • М/28 rifle

“Battle of Berlin” campaign:

  • Mosin rifle mod. 1944
  • Lebel 1886 M93

Other Changes

  • The radio device cannot now be unequipped from a radio operator.
  • The base amount of ammunition for the  Enfield No 4 Mk 1 rifle has been changed from 5 to 3 clips and will now be 30 rounds to match other sliding bolt action rifles.
  • The possibility of upgrading anti-tank rifles has been added.
  • Recoil impulse on semi-automatic rifles has been increased from 5-10%.
  • Predictability on recoil of semi-automatic rifles has been slightly reduced.
  • Roks 2, M1, Flammenwerfer 35 — The capacity of the tank with the flame mixture has been reduced from 25 seconds of continuous fire to 15 seconds.
  • TOZ-B and Luftwaffe Drilling M30:
    • The amount of buckshot per shot has been reduced from 24 to 12 and corresponds to other pump-action shotguns.
    • The damage from buckshot hits has been changed from 4.5 to 2.4.


“The Maisky Forestry (Invasion)” mission has been added to the “Battle for Moscow” campaign.

  • “Airfield (Invasion)” mission has been added to the “Invasion of Normandy” campaign.
  • “Wilhelmstrasse (Invasion)” mission has been added to the “Battle of Berlin” campaign”.
  • “Wilhelmstrasse (Conquest)” mission has been added to the “Battle of Berlin” campaign”.
  • Additional mission weather options have been added to the missions in the “Battle of Berlin” campaign”.
  • Additional shelters have been added to the “Königsplatz (Invasion)” mission.
  • Practice: Historically correct ground vehicles as targets have been added.
  • Tutorial: Hints for controlling tanks while firing have been added.
  • Tutorial: The amount of available grenades per soldier has been changed to two.


“Battle of Berlin” campaign

  • T-34-85 (D-5T)
  • La-5FN
  • M4A2 (76) W (premium)
  • Panther A (premium)
  • Now available for research: Т-34-85 ZIS-S-53, Il-2-37, Panther G, Ju 87 D-5, Bf 109 G-6, Pz.Kpw. IV Ausf. J.

“Battle for Moscow” campaign

  • USSR | Т-50
  • Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. J
  • I-16 Type-24 (premium)
  • Bf 109 E-7 (premium)

“Invasion of Normandy” campaign

  • P-47D-28 Thunderbolt
  • Fw 190 A-8
  • M24 Chaffee (premium)
  • Pz.III M (premium)


  • Progress of 15 levels for the “Battle of Berlin” has been switched on (for all campaign CBT participants).
  • 3 new campaign levels with new vehicles, squads and weaponry have been added for the “Battle for Moscow” and “Invasion of Normandy” campaigns.


  • The effects of bullets hitting rocks and other objects in the scene have been improved.
  • Volumetric fog rendering for better image detail has been improved.


  • Quick messages have been added to the ALT menu.
  • The main menu now shows all soldiers in squads larger than 7 members.
  • The single improvement tree will now be centered.
  • Excessively small text size in the login and password fields has been fixed.


  • The character’s braking speed has been increased, which combined with corrections of the camera behavior when braking should eliminate the drift of the sight after releasing the movement buttons.
  • The player’s swimming speed has been halved.
  • The radius of deactivation of rally points built by engineers when an enemy approaches has been changed from 10 to 20 meters.
  • Artillery hotkey call now also works in minimal interface mode.


  • Getting stuck when overcoming obstacles by soldiers with the perk to accelerate overcoming obstacles has been fixed.
  • Incorrect camera behavior when a soldier moves has been fixed. Now the camera will no longer move on the vertical axis when moving. In addition, at the beginning of movement and when stopping, there will be no unwanted camera/character jerks, interfering to aim.
  • The display of the enemy hit icon has been fixed.
  • The position of the bayonet attachment point to the AVS-36 rifle has been fixed.
  • Artifacts that occur when wounds are near each other have been fixed.
  • The firing mode when using mount will be reset if the mount is destroyed.
  • A bug that allowed in some cases to see-through deformable terrain has been fixed.
  • The system of damage by tank shells to tanks including high-explosive damage has been improved.
  • The absence or lack of damage to the internal modules of the tank when a chamber shell explodes has been fixed.
  • A bug with incorrect respawn in the bunker for allied troops in the “Ver-sur-Mer (Conquest)” mission has been fixed.
  • The disappearance of equipment when replacing a soldier from reserves in the active slot has been fixed.
  • A bug with capturing the “Fountain Court” capture point from recesses in the “Hermann Goering strasse (Invasion)” mission has been fixed.
  • Now you can not look through the snow in the lying position.
  • Incorrect missile firing on the Bf 110 G-2 has been fixed

That’s everything you need to know about Enlisted Update 1.000.034. If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

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