F1 Mobile Racing 2021 Season Update Patch Notes

F1 Mobile Racing 2021 Season Update has just been released by Codemasters and we have the patch notes for your reading pleasure. The update brings in 2021 cars and drivers, PvP racing, and a new upgrades system. Plus, a brand new Welcome Event has also started in the occasion of the Season Update inside the game!

The update is available on both iOS and Android as a mandatory download. You can find all relevant information about the update down below. The file size of the update is not available just yet. However, you can go ahead and start playing online as soon as the update is done downloading for you.

F1 Mobile Racing Patch Notes: 2021 Season Update

Here are the complete patch notes for F1 Mobile Racing 2021 Season Update coming out on Android and iOS:

What is the F1® Mobile Racing 2021 season update?

The upcoming 2021 season update for F1 Mobile Racing is a free update for all players. As well as adding all of the current  season’s F1 teams and drivers, it will add new ways to play and a significant visual update.

What devices can I play this update on?

F1 Mobile Racing and its new update will be available on iOS and Android from the App Store and Play Store, respectively.

For recommended device specs, we recommend the Adreno 640 GPU, Mali G77 GPU, or more recent iterations. This includes devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Redmi Note 10 Pro. Android devices with Adreno 509 GPU, or Mali G51 GPU, or more recent iterations of those GPUs, will support the game. At a minimum, this includes the Sony Xperia 10 Plus and Motorola P30.

Why are aspects of F1® Mobile Racing changing or resetting?

The F1 Mobile Racing 2021 season update is the largest update for the game since its launch. With a huge number of additions and changes on the way, certain in- game features will need to be reset or reconfigured in the new update for all players. This is to ensure that the overall balance of F1 Mobile Racing is retained, in terms of both challenge and progression, and will help to create the best possible experience for all players.

Below are the key changes and points to be aware of as the 2021 season update rolls out.

What will reset?   

If you’re an existing F1 Mobile Racing player, upon downloading the 2021 season update the following aspects of your profile will reset:

  • Total distance driven
  • Track time records
  • Total Cups
  • XP Level
  • Owned unofficial liveries and stickers
  • Owned unofficial helmets

What won’t reset?

The following aspects of your F1 Mobile Racing profile will carry over in their current form for the 2021 season update:

  • Profile name
  • Race number
  • Credits (hard currency, renamed to Coins)
  • Resource Points (soft currency, renamed to Tokens)

What will be converted to an updated 2021 version?

The following items will be automatically converted to their relevant 2021 official counterpart, for any players who have purchased them:

  • Official F1 team cars
  • 2020 regulation base car  
  • R&D Parts

What happens to my in-game currency?

All in-game currency you have accrued in F1 Mobile Racing will be maintained after downloading the 2021 season update. Credits will be renamed to Coins and Resource Points will be renamed to Tokens.

What happens to my R&D parts?

R&D Parts that you have gathered in F1 Mobile Racing will be converted into new Parts that feature in the 2021 season update. In some instances, the statistics of your new parts will slightly differ, in order to fit within the updated R&D system. Any differences in statistics for Parts will be the same for all players, ensuring no players receive an additional advantage or disadvantage.

Will my Duels progress be reset?

Yes. When starting the 2021 season update, all players will start Duel mode in the lowest League, with 0 Cups and 0 XP. As you compete against players you will earn Cups and rise through the Leagues.  

Will my in-game purchases carry over?

Purchases of any official 2020 cars from the in-game Shop will be converted to their 2021 counterpart when playing the new F1 Mobile Racing update. For example, if you currently own the 2020 McLaren car, you’ll receive the 2021 McLaren car upon downloading the new update. For any teams that have changed their name for the 2021 season, players who owned their 2020 car will now own its relevant 2021 successor – for example, owners of the Renault car from last season will now own the Alpine F1 Team car.

Any driver helmets you have purchased in F1 Mobile Racing will be available in the form of avatars, which you can select for your Player Profile. From the 2021 season update onwards, official driver helmets will not be usable during races.

I’m a VIP subscriber. Will this carry over?

No. Ahead of the 2021 season update, the VIP Pass for F1 Mobile Racing, and any connected ongoing payments, will cease for all VIP subscribers.

I have another question regarding the 2021 season update. Who can I contact?

For any other questions, please contact our support team and we will do our best to answer.  

For all F1® Mobile Racing news, follow the official social channels on Instagram and Twitter, as well as the official Facebook group.F1® 2021

If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

Source: Codemasters

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