Factorio Update 1.1.48 Patch Notes | Bug Fixes, Modding, and More

Wube Software has just curtained off Factorio Update 1.1.48, and we have the complete list of official patch notes for you to read. This update is a minor one and primarily includes several bug fixes and stability improvements. Moreover, this latest patch also brings some additions to the modding section of the game.

You can download and install this patch right away on all supported platforms. All the relevant information regarding Factorio Update 1.1.48 has been added in the next section. The actual file size of this update hasn’t been disclosed yet.

Factorio Patch Notes: Update 1.1.48

Here is the complete list of official patch notes for Factorio Update 1.1.48:


  • Added tip about power pole coverage when drag-building.
  • Fixed that the distance between first and second pole in the dragging electric poles tutorial was 6 tiles instead of 7.
  • Fixed LuaGameScript::save_atlas() function would crash the headless server. more
  • Fixed possibility for the victory screen to be hidden behind other GUIs under specific circumstances more
  • Fixed generator and fluid energy source tooltip showing 0 fluid consumption if burning fluids with 0 fuel value or consuming fluids with temperature close to the default. more
  • Fixed the inserter “hand stack size” tooltip missing if the research-based bonus value was 1. Now it is shown if the value is greater than 0. more
  • Fixed the inserter “hand stack size” tooltip ignoring stack_size_bonus prototype property.
  • Fixed cloning linked-container would clear its inventory.


  • Added FluidEnergySourcePrototype::destroy_non_fuel_fluid, true by default.
  • Added GeneratorPrototype::destroy_non_fuel_fluid, true by default.
  • Changed tip trigger name from “unlocked-recipe” to “unlock-recipe” to be consistent with the way other triggers are named.


  • Added LuaEntityPrototype::inserter_stack_size_bonus read.
  • Added LuaFluidEnergySourcePrototype::destroy_non_fuel_fluid read.
  • Added LuaStyle::bar_width read/write.
  • Added LuaPlayer::show_on_map read/write.
  • Reworked table saving and loading to be non-recursive. This allows to have extreme table nesting inside of global variable.

If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

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