Mediatonic Games has released Fall Guys Update 1.14 along with the full list of patch notes. Just like most updates today, this one is also a bug fix update so do not expect any new additions in the game. Fall Guys Season 3 was just recently launched in a big content update, so eventually some bugs might have shown up and the team has now deployed a patch to fix them.

We do not have an update file size for this Update 1.14 for Fall Guys, however you may let us know in the comments if the update has already arrived for you. We also do not have a time frame when this update will actually go live for everyone. From the developer’s announcement, it was only said “over the next few hours”.

Fall Guys Update 1.14 Patch Notes

Fall Guys Update 1.14 Patch Notes

We do not have a complete list of patch notes for this Fall Guys Update 1.14 hotfix patch, but we have gathered some information from the various Fall Guys communities to see what was included.

Hey all!

Over the next few hours you should see an update available for the game. We’ve fixed:

Players will no longer ragdoll aggressively on Hex, and Hex is back

FPS improvements on Egg Rounds

Pegwin Pursuit will now appear in the Winter Knockout Playlist (!)

We are still working on Crown Rank rewards!!

We have also fixed this (hadn’t seen it reported on this sub yet, but so you’re aware)

Prime Gaming – On PS4 players can now unlink their accounts

The above list of release notes were posted on the official subreddit. And now, this is what was posted on the official Twitter channel.

Spicy Hotfix hitting you all today

– FPS improvements on Egg rounds Egg

– No more aggressive ragdolling on Hex-A-Gone

– Hex-A-Gone is Hex-A-Back, my friends!

– Pegwin Pursuit will now appear in the S3 show

– [PS4] Players can now unlink Amazon account

This is everything we know so far about this Fall Guys Update 1.13 rolling out today. If you see any gameplay related changes that has not been mentioned above, let us know below in the comments.

[via r/FallGuys]

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