Fall Guys Update 1.16 Patch Notes on February 2 | Season 3.5 is Live!

Mediatonic has just released Fall Guys Update 1.16, formally introducing Season 3.5 to the game. As this is a major update, a lot of new content has been added to the game, including an entirely new level alongside 40 new variations to old ones. Moreover, there have been many bug fixes and optimizations done behind the scenes alongside the Fall Feed and Costumes being added.

Fall Guys is going to constantly be getting mid-season updates that enhance the content added earlier to the game. So, you can expect a lot more of these updates as the game continues to progress. The developers have also confirmed that there are going to be a lot of major level revisions in the coming seasons as well.

Fall Guys Update 1.16 Patch Notes

With new round variations, exciting new costumes, and shows being added to the game, Fall Guys Season 3.5 is shaping up to be a wonderful mid-season update. Here are all the features being added in Fall Guys Update 1.16

Snowball Survival

fall guys season update 3.5 snowball survival

Snowball Survival puts you in a slippery arena with only your death underneath. There will be a constant barrage of snowballs trying to pummel you down while other players can push and throw you off as well. The new level resembles older game modes, but it still is a breath of fresh air.

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Round Variations

fall guys season update 3.5 round variations

Season 3.5 is going to be featuring Round Variations. Now, previously existing levels will now have a variety of different variations with iconic obstacles added to each round to add a little bit of variety into the game.

Sugar Plum DLC

sugar plum dlc fall guys

Thew new Sugar Plum DLC is now releasing on Steam and PlayStation with three different costumes coming to the game. Here’s a list of all the three costumes being added:

  • Regal Nutcracker
  • Rainbow Fairy
  • Ballerina

More Changes

fall guys more changes season update 3.5

There are a lot of other changes and improvements added to the game. Here’s everything else added in the new update:

  • Fall Feed: Live in-game updates on every elimination and point scored.
  • New Shows: New Round Playlists from the Community and Design team.
  • Costumes: New looks will be hitting up the Store soon. Plus, Godzilla, Untitled Goose Game and Sonic Costumes will be back.
  • Bug Fixes: Ice Climb, Hex-A-Gone and some other quality of life changes have been added.

Fall Guys is going to be getting a lot of seasonal updates in the coming weeks. Be sure to stay tuned for everything else that’s going to be coming out soon for the game.

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