FIFA 21 Title Update #11.1 Patch Notes | PC (Origin / Steam)

FIFA 21 has just been updated to the latest Title Update #11.1 for PC players. We have the complete official patch notes for you to read. The update is a minor bug fix for the previously released major patch. Currently, it is only available for users who have purchased the game on Steam or Origin, which means only on PC platforms.

Unfortunately, we do not have the exact file size for this patch. However, looking at the patch notes, it is clear that only a few minute changes indicate a small patch size. So, you should be able to get back to scoring in a jiffy!

FIFA 21 Title Update #11.1 Patch Notes

FFIA 21 Title Update #11.1

Here are the official patch notes for FIFA 21 title Update 11.1, currently being released on both Origin and Steam on the PC. You will need to download and install the patch before you can play the game.

The latest Title Update is now available on the PC (Origin/Steam) version of FIFA 21 and removes the placeholder graphics that could have been visible when playing matches with the Input Overlay setting turned on.

-The FIFA Team

This is everything you needed to know about the FIFA Title Update #11.1. You can expect a few more of these minor Title Updates to be coming out in the coming days as EA tries to iron out and balance a few mechanics here and there after listening to Community feedback. If you want to stay up to date about FIFA updates and other games, check out our Patch Notes section!

[via EA Sports]

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