Fishing: North Atlantic Update 1.06 Patch Notes | New Weather System

Misc Games has just deployed Fishing: North Atlantic Update 1.06 and we have the complete patch notes for your reading pleasure. The update brings in a new weather system, crew training, improved waves, new custom start mode as well.

The update is available globally on the PS4 and Xbox One which makes it a console only update. You can find out all the relevant information regarding Fishing: North Atlantic Update 1.06 down below. The file size of this update remains unknown.

Fishing: North Atlantic Patch Notes – Update 1.06

Here are the complete patch notes for Fishing: North Atlantic Update 1.06 coming out for all supported platforms:

Version 1.06: (CL 10231)
New custom start mode
New weather system
Two new boats, Andrea Gail (Deeplines) and Mostein (Pelagic Trawler)
Added crew level up messages in logbook
Added warning message if sonar is not good enough for ocean depth
Adjusted buoyancy on Coastern and Double Trouble
Adjusted interactable speed for lobster mechanic, blue boxes
Adjusted start position for easy tutorial
Adjusted amount of swordfish/tuna swimming on habitats
Adjusted price on starter boat in easy mode to fix money exploits
Adjusted sound effects volume in port menu
Adjusted background for trawl switch button
Fixed lobster start tutorial, had no failback when all lobster was released back into ocean
Fixed harpoon tutorial not being triggered when playing in easy mode
Fixed Scanmar button overlap text
Fixed when resuming from main menu when in port menu, you start in 3rd person
Fixed no popup message shown when finishing boat race mission
Fixed return button in shop at ports, not checking if basket is empty
Fixed controller button that was assigned for two actions (Stop engine/searchlight mode)
Fixed some missing object collisions around the map
Fixed issue with default button in settings, did not reset UI controls
Fixed issue with lobster pots and deeplines not having any impact on the habitat
Fixed issue with fish prices not showing correct in hard mode
Fixed issue with brightness settings not working in first person
Fixed issue with controller scheme overlapping in habitat screen
Fixed issue with music not playing after the other is finished
Fixed issue with lobster pots causing damage to boat when hauling
Fixed issue with lobster outside steel pot when hauling
Fixed issue with gear shown wrong when rigging boat
Fixed issue with getting wrong boat when destroyed in Easy mode
Fixed issue with camera clipping through roof when hauling deepline
Fixed issue with not being able to prepare longline with new bait
Fixed issue with no harpoonable swordfish when taking harpoon tutorial outside season
Fixed issue with to many swordfish/tuna swimming around
Fixed issue with being able to setting any number of multipots
Fixed issue with lobster pot not hanging correctly on hauler
Fixed issue with depth meter showing wrong when outside map
Fixed issue with boat catapulted outside map after fast travel
Fixed issue with multi pots not having minimum set distance to each other
Fixed issue with prepared multi-pots having duplicated set prompt when loading savegame
Fixed issue with habitat extinction does not seem to work
Fixed issue with option to operate door remains stuck on screen
Fixed issue with gear not shown on map inside boat
Fixed issue with getting mackerel on longline
Fixed issue with missing tutorial title
Fixed issue with being able to grab pot while crab table is occupied
Fixed issue with not possible to dock after closing the crew menu
Fixed issue with not being able to cancel harpoon tutorial
Fixed issue with haul net prompt when crew i hauling
Fixed issue with discoverable message not showing when coming out of fast travel
Fixed issue with harpoon marker in tutorial not disappearing when aborting
Fixed issue with not being able to change color on Ocean Runner in old save games
Fixed gutting table rotating when you gut fish
Fixed several loca issues in many languages
Fixed some rare crashes
Fixed trawler objective tab overlapping Scanmar sidebar
Fixed rare issue with not being possible to go to front deck during start tutorial in Easy mode
Game will not pause anymore when reading logbook or ingame Wiki
Improved boat AI and adjusted ferry docking point, AI boat will now avoid crashing in player boat
Improved fish tips spawning in ports
Improved whale sound not playing so often
Improved fish habitats calculation, will now better reflect the actual population you are targeting
Improved thruster on Deckster
Improved collision system for carried objects
Improved crew when hauling catch on higher levels, missed to often
Increased engine upgrade on Arctic Pioneer
Increased number of longlines and nets Arctic Pioneer can hold
Increased fish habitats
New license partners, NorSap (Chairs) and Breeze (Mostein)
Removed swimmable tuna/swordfish outside their season
Removed set gear from anywhere in first person, this caused problems with interactables
Several optimizations
Updated all languages

Scallops DLC:
Fixed strange sound when using crane on Viking Power
Fixed hook position on Ocean Scout being at the wrong place
Fixed issue with low habitat during scallop tutorial
Fixed issue with instant filling net during tutorial with Old Ben
Fixed issue with dredge net gets hauled in when closing crew menu/map
Fixed issue with crew sometimes moonwalk on Ocean Scout
Fixed issue with scallop gets lost if going in 3rd mode while sorting
Improved crane for crew on Viking Power, crew can now handle both cranes individually
Improved gutting of scallops, crew will now gut any scallops available from any slot

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Source: Misc Games

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