Epic Games has released a new Fortnite Update 15.10.1 hotfix now live and available to all the players along with the patch notes. Since this is the holiday season and time for Christmas, so I doubt Fortnite or any other game would roll out a major release now. All updates and major patches are now scheduled for sometime in January.

This update is a hotfix update for the big Fortnite Update 15.10 that was released last week. Some players reported delays with processing stats and leaderboards. Epic Games confirmed the issue earlier today on Twitter and now we have a patch out to fix the issue.

Fortnite Update 15.10.1 Patch Notes

Fortnite Update 15.10.1 Patch Notes

Here are the patch notes for the Fortnite Update 15.10.1 that is now rolling out today on December 21 to all supported platforms. We have a release note from the PS4 Update 2.98 below:

  • 15.10.1 – Stability Fixes to improve Fortnite.

And here we have the confirmation of the on-going issue in Fortnite, as confirmed by their support team here:

This is all we know so far about this Fortnite hotfix update that is live for everyone. If we find anything else about this update, we will add it later to this article above.

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