Fortnite v15.50 Patch Notes on March 2 | PS4 Update 3.07

Epic Games have finally released the new Fortnite v15.50 update today on March 2 and we have the complete patch notes for you to read. This PS4 Update 3.07 is now live and you can download and install this patch on all supported platforms. The developers have still not provided us with the complete patch notes. However, we have found out some bugs that have been fixed alongside a few new features being added to the game.

Currently, you can download the Fortnite PS4 Update 3.07 which comes in at about 2.1 GB while the next-generation PS5 Update 1.000.0017 is sized at about 1.8 GB. Currently, The Vault has been altered alongside new sizes being added in the Creative Hub and this patch introduces large islands.

Fortnite Update v15.50 Patch Notes

Fortnite v15.50 Patch Notes

Here are all the official patch notes for Fortnite v15.50. The update has already been rolled out and you need to download and install it before you can play the game.

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In the v15.50 update, Large Islands will be introduced. These islands are 155X155 tiles or about 25% larger than the previous Island. This will open up even greater possibilities within your Creative games. If you’ve had a Creative idea that needs just a bit more room to make happen, now’s your chance to think big!

We’ll continue to explore more opportunities to expand the size of islands and will share more on that in the future. 


Want to reach as many players as possible? One way to make sure your content can be enjoyed by everyone is to ensure your in-game text is optimized for every region. In the coming weeks, we’ll begin to localize some of your featured content into the 13 languages available in Fortnite. Featured Hubs are up first, with plans to localize featured games in the future.

In order for content to be localized, your language must be set to English the first time you publish. Below are specific steps to follow:

  1. Make sure all Billboard fonts are in “Burbank”*
  2. In the main Fortnite Settings, ensure “Language” is set to “English”
  3. Save and close Settings. Verify “Language” is set to English, you may need to reset your system for this to take effect. 
  4. Begin a Creative server
  5. Enter the Island or Hub you plan to submit
  6. Publish the Island

At this point, you can change your Language back to your default language

*Note: Currently localization can only be provided for Billboards using Burbank font, all other fonts are incompatible with other languages at this time.

Longer-term there are plans to implement a system that won’t require this workaround. In the meantime, taking this extra step will help make sure you don’t miss out. 


  • Fixed an issue where the party leader could not interact with Matchmaking Portals.
  • Fixed an issue where players in parties were unable to matchmake via Island Code or Matchmaking Portals.


  • Fixed an issue where the Common and Uncommon Charge Shotguns were appearing in the wrong rarity categories.


  • Updated The Agency Galleries to include lighter texture variations.
    • The Agency Wall Gallery A Light
    • The Agency Wall Gallery B Light


  • Fixed an issue where some fauna assets, from the Nature Snow Gallery, were missing snow.  Previously placed versions may need to be replaced in maps.
  • Fixed an issue where the curved walls, from The Agency Gallery, would sometimes show a black wall with no-collision.


  • Fixed an issue where the Changing Booth interact UI could appear in the wrong position.
  • Fixed an issue where players would get temporarily stuck when exiting the Changing Booth.

Are you happy with the Island Size limit finally being raised? We think it’s an important step for the Creative Building Community of Fortnite, especially after the recent Creative Hub update. Moreover, The Vault has been quite an underused mechanic in the game. So, the revival of the Hand Cannon in its arsenal might add to its relevance in the current meta.

[via Epic Games]

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