Free Fire OB30 Patch Notes | 6v6 Clash Squad, BR Updates, Balance Changes

Free Fire OB30 is about to be deployed and released for everyone by Garena, so here are the complete list of patch notes for this update. Now that Free Fire is done with their 4th Anniversary celebrations, they are once again bringing a features-packed OB30 Update with updates to a number of existing game modes. To start off, 6v6 Clash Squad matches will now be available along with balance updates to several characters and weapons.

Players with high-end mobile devices are also excited as Garena is also launching Free Fire Max globally tomorrow. All the relevant information regarding the Free Fire (FF) patch notes for OB30 Update are covered in the next section below. The game will be going through maintenance tomorrow, starting from 9:30 AM IST (0430 UTC) to 6:30 PM IST (1330 UTC)! Please note, during this maintenance period you will not be able to play Free Fire or join a game.

Free Fire (FF) Patch Notes: OB30 Update

Here are the official patch notes for the Free Fire OB30 update that is now rolling out to all the supported mobile platforms of the game i.e. Android and iOS:

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1. Clash Squad

I. New – 6v6 Clash Squad

  • Available in the custom room.

“Are you ready for some 6v6 vs Squad action?”

II. Map Adjustment

  • Adjusting the Contra Squad’s spawn point from the Bermuda map.

“We have noticed that the Clock Tower zone in the Contra Squad is extremely difficult for the team that comes up in the lower area. We are adjusting the spawn points for both teams to make this map more balanced game to ensure that the warehouse is in the center of the map.”

2. Battle Royale

I. Airdrop Vending Machine

  • Available in Classic and Ranked mode.

“The vending machine has been an important feature in Battle Royale to gather gear and revive fallen teammates. With the Airdrop vending machine, you’ll be able to spend your FF coins in more places.”

  • The Vending Machine Airdrop is now available in Battle Royale.

II. Reborn Points

  • HUD and UI display optimization.

“The revive system is playing a bigger role in Battle Royale. We are updating the UI in this patch to ensure players have more information about the revive points.”

  • Added a countdown to when the revive points will be closed for the match.
  • Added a refresh point cooling countdown on the map.
  • Players can now see Revival Points being captured on the map.
  • Respawn points will no longer disappear midway while players are capturing them.
  • Optimized HUD display when watching players who are capturing respawn points.

III. Safety Zone Adjustment

  • Safety Zone Damage Adjustment.

“We’re increasing game zone damage a little more in this update to ensure players can’t hide outside the game zone (inside the gas) to wait until other players are eliminated. Stay in the safe zone!”

  • Increased game zone damage by 10%.

IV. Training Island

  • Combat zone layout adjustment.

“The current combat zone layout is a bit complicated for combat training. We are removing some objects from the combat zone to make enemies more visible in this area.”

3. Character and Pets

I. Chrono

  • Character skill adjustment.

“Even after the change, Tunado Shield proved to be a little too reliable compared to other active abilities. We’re adding some cooldown and reducing shield duration to ensure players use this ability at a high cost.”

  • Movement speed – 5/7/9/11/13/15% -> 5/6/7/8/9/10%
  • Skill Duration – 3/4/5/6/7/8s -> 3/3/4/4/5/5s
  • Time to use the skill – 200/192/185/179/174/1705 > 250/242/235/229/224/220S.

II. Wukong

  • Character skill adjustment.

“Couflage is currently a bit difficult to achieve because Wukong is moving at high speed. We’re slowing down movement speed a bit in this update so players have less mobility while cloaked.”

  • Movement speed reduced by 20% when activated.

III. Andrew “The Fearless”

  • Character skill adjustment.

“The Pack is very strong when the entire team is equipping this skill. We’re reducing damage reduction a bit so the weapons can still be effective against Awakened Andrew fully armored.”

  • Harm reduction: 8/9/10/11/12/14% -> 5/7/8/9/10/11%

IV. Shiro

  • Character skill adjustment.

“The long Damage Delivery timeout makes the skill unreliable when players are constantly in combat. We’re reducing the skill timeout a bit so it gets ready faster between fights.”

  • Skill usage time- 35/34/32/29/25/20s-> 25/24/22/19/15/10s

V. Jai Microchip

  • New item available.

“Introducing Jai’s Microchip, which players can use to be able to utilize the character’s ability.”

  • Jai’s Microchip is now available at the Free Fire store.

4. Weapons and Balances

I. Armor Accessories

  • Only available in Battle Royale.

“We found that the gear progression in Battle Royale is not very balanced as high level armor can be purchased from the vending machine. We are introducing two armor enhancements in this patch to ensure players can further upgrade their armor when spend their time on withdrawals. Plus, more types of attachments will come in the near future!”

  • Thickening Vest: Equip your vest to reduce damage from explosions.
  • Collect HP Booster: Equip your vest to boost your HP.

II. Sniper Treatment

  • Only available in Battle Royale.

“We’re introducing the Treatment Sniper in this patch to add more strategic options to Battle Royale. See your teammates having trouble fixing it? Heal them with this weapon!”

  • Minimum Damage: 70
  • Healing strength: 50
  • Shot rate: 0.45


  • Weapon Attributes Adjustment (Buff).

“The SPAS-12 has been a bit weaker than other shotguns for a long time. We’re giving the SPAS-12 a little more reach in this patch to ensure it can be more competitive with its competitors.”

  • Scope: +10%

IV. Free Fire Knife

  • Adjust the weapon’s attributes (Buff).

“As one of the most difficult weapons to use, the FF-Knife is not strong enough.”

  • Minimum damage: + 50%
  • Shooting speed: + 20%

V. Grenade

  • Adjust weapon attributes (Nerf).

“Currently the Grenade is very economical, especially against fully armed targets. We are removing some power from the Grenade to ensure players can only take out enemies at full health with an extremely accurate throw.”

  • Maximum damage: -25%

VI. P90

  • Adjust the weapon’s attributes (Buff).

“Although the P90 is equipped with an oscilloscope, it currently does not perform well in the mid-range compared to other SMGS. We are giving the P90 a little more power with this patch to make it more reliable.”

  • Scope: +10%


  • Adjust the weapon’s attributes (Buff).

“We’re giving the AWM a little more power so it can remain effective against enemies with high-level armor equipped.”

  • Armor penetration: + 8%


  • Adjust the weapon’s attributes (Buff).

“The SKS isn’t as reliable right now because it’s not as effective against armored enemies. We’re giving this weapon a little more damage to make it more lethal when taking down enemies from afar.”

  • Minimum damage with open aim: + 25%

IX. Adjust weapon attributes

“Vector is currently too deadly at close range. We are making some tweaks to this weapon to give players enough time to react against enemies with the Vector Akimbo.”

  • Recharge time: -20%
  • Shot speed: -5%
  • Ammo: -5
  • Akimbo firing speed: -20%.
  • Movement speed on Akimbo: -4%

5. Gameplay and System

I. Replay System (Beta)

  • Replay now available.

“We’ve been getting feedback that players can’t capture some of their highlights because we don’t have a replay system. We’re thrilled to introduce this update’s replay feature for its first test run on select devices”

  • Replay System (Beta) now available on profile page for selected devices.

II. Guild System

  • New features and user interface.

“It’s been a while since we updated the Guild System. We’re giving the guild menu a whole new look and adding new guild crates that can be shared with your team members. Join and share these guild goodies!”

  • New guild user interface.
  • New guild boxes are available!

III. Optimizations and bug fixes

  • Players can split their items while discarding them.
  • Added player rating star count to the game’s Contra Squad leaderboard.
  • Added chat bubbles in team formation menu.
  • Optimized grenade timer display on minimap.

If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

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