Fuga: Melodies Of Steel Update 1.10 Patch Notes | Experience Enhancements

CyberConnect2 has just announced Update 1.01 for Fuga: Melodies Of Steel and we have the complete patch notes for you. The update brings in some much-needed gameplay enhancements with the addition of two new languages along with speed up for progression movement.

If you have been on the lookout for the patch notes of Fuga: Melodies Of Steel Update 1.10, then you’ve come to the right place. The update has currently rolled out on Xbox One/Xbox Series, PS4/PS5, and Nintendo Switch. Players can get their games updated right now and enjoy the new content. We are still, however, unsure about the size of the update but will be posting them as soon as we find out.

Fuga: Melodies Of Steel Patch Notes – Update 1.10

Here are the patch notes for the Fuga: Melodies Of Steel Update 1.10 available on all supported platforms:

  • Added Korean and German language support.
  • Implemented backlog for dialog windows.
  • Added auto-playback for messages.
  • Added turbo mode to speed up route progression movement.
  • Other improvements in operational stability and bug fixes, including those that prevent player progression.

If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

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