Gears 5 Operation 7 Drop 2 Update Patch Notes

Xbox Game Studios has released the new Gears 5 Operation 7 Drop 2 Update which is now live and here are the complete patch notes. There is a lot to list down in this content drop, so we advise you jump right after the jump below to go through the entire list of the release notes.

You should be able to download and install this Gears 5 Operation 7 Drop 2 Update on your console now. All the relevant information you need to know about this patch has been covered in the notes below.

Gears 5 Operation 7 Drop 2 Update Patch Notes

Here are the official list of patch notes for Gears 5 Operation 7 Drop 2 Update that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:


  • Prescott now plays his correct audio when retro charging and chainsawing.
  • Captain Hoffman should now finally use his own voice lines correctly.
  • Fixed areas on Vasgar where the player would be unable to yank.
  • The Black Steel Locust Sniper will now display a red outline on his arms from distance.
  • The Competitive Leaderboards should no longer have large gaps in the positions.


  • Changed the behavior of the Super Charged mutator from “reduced ultimate cooldown” to “reduced cooldown while doing damage” to resolve an exploit with Jack’s ultimate.
  • Reduced the amount of freezing damage dealt from the “Freezing Grenadiers” mutator.
  • Reduced the damage resistance of the “Heads Up” mutator on boss creatures.
  • Fixed an issue where Palace Guards and Flame Grenadiers would regenerate health even if “Enemy Regeneration” was not an active mutator.
  • Fixed an issue where flying enemies would get stuck inside interior spaces on Bunker.
  • Fixed an issue where the wave would not end if all players went DBNO if a Palace Guard or Flame Grenadier was present.
  • Rebuilding the Fabricator will now correctly remove 4000 power.
  • Added the Smoke Grenade to the Fabricator.
  • The Palace Guard and Flame Grenadiers can now be stunned and staggered by Ultimate and Skill Card effects.
  • Grenades will no longer trigger the effects of The Hammer, Armored Shot and Serrated Edge.
  • Audio will no longer occasionally fail to play on certain enemies.
  • The Mechanic’s class icon has been changed to reflect the Turret ability.


  • Passive will now correctly penetrate enemy targets.


  • Slugger’s “Power Shot” Skill Card will now correctly penetrate enemy targets.
  • The damage bonus from Slugger’s “Power Shot” Skill Card will no longer be lost while using Heavy Hitter.
  • Slugger’s “Tough Skin” Skill Card now correctly gives resistance to ballistic weapons only.

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