GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon Update 0.3.8 Patch Notes

Konami Digital just deployed this latest GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon Update 0.3.8 and we have the complete list of patch notes here. This is a major patch that has just gone live for all the players with several new additions like the new stage “Subspace Citadel” and the new boss “Daidarabotchi”. The developers have also added new enemies Shishi Gashira and Tenaga-Ashinaga.

The file size for this GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon Update 0.3.8 is not yet known, but we will add it here once we have it. All the relevant details about this patch will be listed down in the full release notes below.

GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon Update 0.3.8 Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon Update 0.3.8 that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:

New Additions

  • Added the new stage “Subspace Citadel” and the new boss “Daidarabotchi”.
    Subspace Citadel is the fourth stage and can be accessed after clearing Misty Peaks and Frozen Graveyard.
    You must acquire the “Dull Key” to unlock the Subspace Citadel.
  • Added the new enemies Shishi Gashira and Tenaga-Ashinaga.
    Both will appear in Subspace Citadel with this update.
  • Added the Raise Equipment Rank feature.
    The Raise Equipment Rank feature allows you to spend Soul Memories and coins to raise the rank of your equipment.
    This feature can be accessed by speaking with the blue Shrine Maiden.
  • (Community) Added the Hall of Treasures, which can be accessed to the left of the Shrine Maiden standing by the Getsu Clan Estate.

    Added the Spirit Scrolls as a Hall of Treasures feature. They can be viewed via the Battle Record in the Hall of Treasures.

    The “Battle Record” feature allows you to view information about the enemies whom you have defeated before.

    We will continue to expand on the Hall of Treasures in future updates.
  • (Community) Added a display at the edge of the screen that alerts you when your vitality is low.

Gameplay Adjustments

  • (Community) The Shrine Maiden who can activate equipment skills now also appears at each stage’s shop.
    You can now activate equipment skills and raise your equipment’s ranks at the shops.

  • Adjusted Soul Devour’s Main+ and Unlock Skill enhancement bonuses.
    All main weapons will now possess the “Attack +” quality.
    Through this change, the effects of increasing rank and Soul Devour used on your main weapons are now more obvious.
    Note: The strength of the effects varies based on the weapon.
  • Reduced the effects of the weapon skills “Teachings of Destruction” and “Essence of Destruction” as they were too strong.
    Teachings of Destruction 10 → 3
    Essence of Destruction 5% → 3%
  • Strengthened the effect of “Break Attack +” and the increase effect when activating Soul Devour.
  • Adjusted Soul Devour’s sub weapon qualities.
    Sub weapons that do not have either the “Cooldown -” or “Ammo +” qualities will now possess the “Cooldown -” quality.
    This applies to Kunai of the Poisoned Fang, Inferno Kunai, Kunai of the Bloody Tear, Frozen Kunai, Lifestealing Kunai, Kunai of Swift Strikes, all Mana Bracelets, and all Matchlocks.
  • Strengthened the “Cooldown -” effect.
  • Adjusted equipment drops from enemies so that they will be more balanced.
  • Adjusted the rarity rates of equipment dropped from enemies or found in chests.
    While this has increased the Rare/Epic drop rates, the Relic/Legendary drop rates have not been altered.
  • (Community) Added a total ammo display to the equipment panel.
  • In conjunction with the implementation of the “Raise Equipment Rank” feature, added an auxiliary rank display to the equipment panel.
  • (Community) Added a total ammo display to the sub weapon HUD.
  • (Community) Adjusted the vitality gauge display to improve its visibility.
  • (Community) Added an option that reverses left/right scrolling controls when on the map screen.
    This can be accessed via Options > Settings > Controls.
  • Adjusted the hit effect when attacking stone objects, improving its feel.
  • (Community) Adjusted the final Demonization visual effects during the Getsu Rando fight to improve visibility.
  • Added a warning that displays for a certain period of time when the screen resolution is changed.
  • Shortened the length of The Great Wave of Damnation stage.
  • Shops will now always appear in The Great Wave of Damnation stage.
  • Equipment shops will now always appear in the Misty Peaks stage.
  • Adjusted various hitboxes.
     Oni (Club): Erased the backward hitbox when it raises its club.
     Numagozen: Erased the backward hitbox during its attacks.
     Oni (Bell): Shrunk the hitbox area of its attack as it was larger than its animation.
     Armored Spirit (Tentacle): Changed its hitbox area to match its attack motion.
     Stone Whelp/Infected Cicada: Shortened the active duration of their explosion hitboxes.
     Hydra of the Depths: Shrunk the bite attack hitbox.
     Colossal Centipede: Shortened the active duration of the poison explosion hitbox.
     Wanyudo: Shortened the active duration of its hitbox and adjusted the hitbox after it passes by.
     Subterranean Spider: Expanded the hitbox around its body during the spin attack.
     Nine-Tailed Fox: Erased the hitbox during the end of the spin attack animation.
     Getsu Rando: Fixed an issue in which attacks would land from unnatural positions.

System Adjustments

  • Status effects can now be applied simultaneously, instead of through a priority system.
    This means that if your weapons can inflict multiple status effects, they can all be applied at the same time.
  • Changed the effect of Bleed when applied on enemies so that they will take damage at regular intervals regardless of whether or not they are performing an action.
    Note: Bleed is unchanged when Players are the ones affected, dealing damage only during movement.
  • Added additional effects to Poison, Burn, and Bleed.
    After inflicting Poison, Burn, or Bleed on an enemy, hitting them again a certain number of times with a weapon that can inflict the same status effect will activate the additional effects.
    The additional effects are as follows.

     Poison additional effect: Blight
       Hit a Poisoned enemy with Poison attacks a certain number of times.
       Blight changes the effect’s color from green to purple and will no longer disappear over time.
       Enemies inflicted with Blight will explode upon death, inflicting Poison on any enemy that is
       hit by the explosion.
     Burn additional effect: Scorch
       Hit a Burned enemy with Burn attacks a certain number of times.
       The affected enemy will spread sparks as they take damage over time. Enemies that
       touch these sparks will be Burned. The sparks will disappear after touching an enemy
       or after a certain amount of time passes.
     Bleed additional effect: Rupture
       Hit a Bleeding enemy with Bleed attacks a certain number of times.
       Deals additional damage to the target. Rupture can be inflicted on the same enemy
       multiple times, but the required number of hits increases each time.
  • In conjunction with the new additional effects, an icon of the inflicted status effect will now be displayed above the afflicted target’s vitality gauge.
  • Readjusted the functionality of equipment rank and rarity.
    Instead of rank and rarity both increasing attack power, their purposes have now been diversified.
    Weapon attack power will now only scale with rank, whereas rarity increases the skills already activated.
    Also, depending on rarity, equipment skills may now be activated even if they were not previously unlocked.
  • When Desperation activates, all status effects and debuffs will be removed.
    Added an explanation for Desperation in the help menu.
  • Extended the effects of Mastery skills “Increased Weapon Quality” and “Increased Weapon Quality: Mastery” so that they now also apply to weapons available at the Getsu Clan Estate.
    However, the Nameless Katana found next to the Training Statue is unaffected by this change.
    Also, the Nameless Katana can now appear in the weapon rack and receive the Mastery skill effects.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in which holding down the Cancel button to skip would not work if “Cancel” was mapped to a different button through Key Configuration.
  • Fixed a known issue in which enemies behaved unnaturally in narrow areas.
  • Fixed an issue in which Armored Spirits’ slashing attacks would disappear due to clipping.
  • Fixed an issue in which certain attacks from Getsu Rando had more knockback than expected.
  • Fixed an issue in which screen resolution could not be selected on certain screen resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue in which the text for certain languages stuck out beyond the text window.
  • Fixed an issue of overlapping text in certain languages.
  • Other miscellaneous improvements.

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