Ghost of a Tale has just been updated to version 1.06 for the PS4. The January 26 Update of the indie hit mainly fixes some bugs and optimizes the game a bit. Even though the game is primarily worked on by one Indie Developer, Seith, the game still is being updated very often with bugs being quashed every week to ensure a smooth experience.

Ghost of a Tale is an epic action-RPG game that follows the story of Tilo, a mouse who wanders around a medieval world populated only by animals. The game has an impressive storyline and focuses on immersing you deep into the game lore. When it comes to combat, the game has stealth, quests, and various dialogues as well.

Ghost Of A Tale Update 1.06 Patch Notes

ghost of a tale update 1.06

The Indie game has been critically acclaimed for its interesting use of Stealth Mechanics. Plus, with its captivating story line, it has turned into an instant classic for anyone who owns a PS4. The game is surprisingly playable on the PS5 through backwards compatibility and runs at a stable 60 FPS on both the consoles adding to the experience.

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Ghost Of A Tale Update 1.06 does not have any real patch notes. So, from what we could infer from Seith’s Twitter, here’s the patch notes:

  • A few bug-fixes and optimization

Here’s what the developer’s Twitter had to say about the update:

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