Santa Monica Studios has just announced a next-gen PS5 update for God of War. With Sony’s proprietary enhanced performance updates, expect 2160p at 60 FPS gameplay from the extremely powerful PS5 with this free update! The game itself should look much better, and you won’t be needing to play the game on backwards compatibility anymore.

With exclusive Sony PlayStation titles such as God of War getting their promised next-gen updates for free, you can expect the game to look a lot better with better performance for the new console as well. You’ll also be getting more customization options in terms of graphics as well.

God of War PS5 Enhanced Performance Update

god of war ps5 update

The new update will be available today for free on the PS5 on the 2nd of February 2021 for absolutely free. You can download the update if you own a digital version of the game from the PlayStation Store. If you own a disc, you might need to insert the PS4 version of the disc before the update is automatically installed on your system.

Here are all the new features that you can expect in the update:

  • 1080p Resolution @ 60 FPS
  • 4k Checkerboard Resolution @ 30 FPS

You can change between these two graphic options at your own will. However, if you are in for a more cinematic experience, we recommend going for the 4k Resolution Option. You won’t notice the halved frame rate after a while. The visuals will look much better! Here’s what the developers said about the update on Twitter.

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The God of War PS5 Enhanced Performance Update is one of the many updates coming to the PS5, which makes sure that older games take advantage of the PS5’s superior hardware. Stay tuned for information about more updates like these.

[via Santa Monica Studios]

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