Gunfire Reborn July 9 Update Patch Notes

Duoyi Interactive has released this latest Gunfire Reborn July 9 Update and we have covered the full list of patch notes here. In this update, the developers have changed the hotkey to recycle items, and fixed some bugs. All these have been possible due to feedback and reports by the players community.

We do not have the file size for Gunfire Reborn July 9 Update yet, but it shouldn’t be too big. This patch is now available to download and install via Steam. All the relevant information regarding this patch has been covered in the full notes below.

Gunfire Reborn July 9 Update Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for Gunfire Reborn July 9 Update that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:

  • Adjusted the hotkey of the talent [Golden Touch]:

    Changed from holding interact button to holding compare button (Z by default)
  • Optimized [Tao]’s avatar
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where Decay Effect may not slow the affected target
  • Fixed an issue where the projectiles of [Prism] and [Glimmering] may phase through enemies without dealing DMG
  • Fixed an issue where purchasing ammo from a peddler may not fully have normal ammo refilled when equipped with the scroll [Ammo Belt] or enhanced [Ammo Belt]
  • Fixed an issue where the enhanced scroll [Ninja Invincibility] could be purchased for free
  • Fixed an issue where the additional DMG caused by [Tao]’s [Fatal Bloom] may trigger the effect of the enhanced scroll [Gold Medal]
  • Fixed an issue where the scroll unlock pop-ups may falsely show the description of its enhanced version when the normal version is unlocked
  • Fixed abnormal rolling tracks of the boulders in [Basement of Longling]
  • Fixed an issue where monsters in [Longling Tomb – Stage 3] may jump onto places where players cannot hit
  • Fixed an issue where the time until death is abnormal when all stacks of Down Penalty are removed
  • Fixed an issue where players may fail to recycle weapons/scrolls shared by teammates

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