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Reto Moto has just released Heroes & Generals Update 1.24, and we have the complete list of patch notes right here for you to read. This latest update primarily brings a brand new US Tank Destroyer, Bikes, and Sidecars. The update also includes new fog, height, and weather settings.

We do not yet have the update file size for this Heroes & Generals Update 1.24, but will add it here once we have it. All the relevant information regarding Heroes & Generals patch notes has been added in the next section. Since the patch is live, you can download and install it directly from Steam.

Heroes & Generals Update 1.24 Patch Notes

Here are the complete patch notes for Heroes & Generals Update 1.24 rolling out on all the supported platforms of the game:


  • Added Vehicle: 42WLA with Sidecar
  • Added Vehicle: R75 (Solo)
  • Added Vehicle: M72 (Solo)
  • Added Vehicle: M72 with Sidecar
  • Added Ribbons for motorcycles
  • Added Skins for all motorcycles
  • Made the mounted machinegun on motorcycle with sidecar as an optional upgrade
  • Motorcycle mounted MG34 ammo capacity reduced to 50 rounds. Reload time reduced
  • Motorcycles (Solo) unlocks on Driver Ribbon level 8 for Infantry, and level 2 for Recon
  • Motorcycles with Sidecar unlocks on Motorcycle (Solo) Ribbon level 10
  • Machinegun for Sideral unlocks on Motorcycle with Sidecar Ribbon level 10
  • Soviet will still be able to buy the 42WLA lendlease for a a month, but will not be able to unlock the 42WLA with Sidecar


  • Added Vehicle: M36B1 Tank destroyer
  • Smoke shell effect tweaked, duration increased
  • Shrapnel damage increased from 75 to 125. Radius decreased from 24 to 20
  • Solo-motorcycle handling changes
  • Solo-motorcycle Steering angle increased
  • Solo-motorcycle Side friction decreased
  • Unified prices for motorbike skins according to progression sequence


  • Added new weather settings, introducing more varied times of days and lighting
  • Made fog volumetric so it is more dense in the lower parts of the map


  • Mounted M1919A4 model updated to PBR
  • Gun Cradle for M1919A4 updated for 4×4 Truck and M4A3E8)
  • Ammotray added for M1919A4 on 4×4 Truck and M4A3E8
  • Added smaller ammo tray on 42WLA Sidecar M1919A4
  • Added bolt and belt animations to M1919A4 on the 4×4 terrain vehicle, M4A3E8, 42WLA
  • Added deploy arrows for first mission

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