How to Unlock All Operators in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard is out and it has brought along a lot of new content, including 12 new operators with their own looks and video game lore, however, in terms of the gameplay, they aren’t more than cosmetic items. But, that should never be a reason for enthusiasts to stop themselves from collecting all of them.

The only distinction between the normal players and operators are the operators XP, which help you level them up to level 20 with each level providing you with a distinct reward. The rewards contain skins, finishing moves, music kits, and more. Every operator also comes with a preferred weapon that provides them with an XP boost, so if you have a weapon you are looking to level up, get your hands on the respective operator and let’s get grinding.

Unlock all Operators in COD: Vanguard

You need to perform certain tasks to get access to a particular operator, however, these tasks relate to killing enemies with a specific weapon type, or in a particular way. Here’s a detailed list of how to get all the operators in Vanguard.

OperatorHow To Get Them
DanielGet 200 Marksman Rifle kills
WadeGet 100 headshots (any weapon)
HalimaGet 50 Prone kills (any weapon)
PolinaGet 200 Sniper skills
SolangeGet 10 Double kills (any weapon)
ShigenoriPerform 25 Finishing Moves
RolandGet 300 AR (assault rifle) kills
LucasGet 100 Hipfire kills (any weapon)
BeatriceGet 5 kills without dying a total of 10 times (any weapon)
ArthurGet 10 kills with Killstreaks
ConstanzeGet 300 LMG (light machine gun) kills (any weapon)
PadmavatiGet 200 shotgun kills

Please note that there are achievements and trophies that are only unlocked when playing with a specific operator. You can read all about that here.

So did you find this guide to be helpful in completing your collection? Let us know in the comment section below.

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