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Syed Arham

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How to Play Pokémon UNITE on PC and Mac

TiMi Studios has recently launched their Pokémon UNITE on Android and iOS. The game was previously available on Nintendo Switch, however, their recent update has pleased mobile gamers around the world. Pokémon UNITE also featured a Season 2 Battle Pass…

Rocket League Update 1.99

Best Free to Play Games (2021)

Free-to-play games have become increasingly popular and rightfully so, as free is a price point that pleases everyone’s wallet. Such games provide an excellent pastime without breaking the bank. The games may not seem that special at first glance as…

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Halo Infinite PC System Requirements Revealed

Halo has been historically considered as one of the less-demanding games however this has seemed to change with its upcoming installment of Halo Infinite. Halo Games have paved the way for a lot of aspects of the modern fps genre…