How to Use Rhythmic Sprinter (Leisure Device) in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has introduced a new Leisure Device called Rhythmic Sprinter which helps people to conduct official races in the Serenitea Teapot in-game. The item basically helps in declaring the winner of a race automatically and shows the total time taken by each participant.

With the new item opening up the doorway to a bundle of fun experiences and games with your friends using the furnishing is a bit complicated. This guide will be centered around how to acquire the Rhythmic Sprinter and use it for your multiplayer adventures.

How to Acquire and Use the Rhythmic Splinter Furnishing

In order to bag the Rhythmic Splinter, you’ll need to head over to the Realm Depot and buy the item. Unfortunately, there’s no cheap way to acquire the furnishing, instead, you’ll need to pay its full price of 300 Realm Currency in the shop. However, keep in mind that Realm currency regenerates over time so you should be able to make up for it from Tubby outside the Main Structure in the Serenitea Realm.

Rhythmic Splinter

How to Use the Rhythmic Splinter

Here’s how you can use the Rhythmic Splinter for your in-game races:

  • After purchasing the Rhythmic Splinter, you need to enter Edit Mode
  • Now place the Activation Panel and the Destination Ring together
  • Next, enter the Move Mode to pick up the Activation Panel or Destination ring and move them away where you like.

The only drawback you’re faced with is that you cannot move the two items across all four realms and are instead forced to play the race in a single realm. This means that you won’t be able to conduct long races in the game, at least for now. Anyhow, the Rhythmic Splinter is still quite a useful item and stores a lot of fun activities for you and your friends.

There’s a ton of different parkour fun to be had with the Rhythmic Splinter and it’s all up to your imagination from here on out. Are Treasure Hoarders giving you a tough time in Genshin Impact? Check out how to effectively defeat Treasure Hoarders and get your hands on their Insignia.

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