Best Battlefield 2042 FOV Settings for PlayStation, Xbox, PC

Field of view settings play a decisive role in how much of the environment you see on your screen in Battlefield 2042. Setting up the ideal FOV setting for your system and monitor is crucial to get a competitive advantage in the game. However, Field of View game settings also affect your game’s performance so sliding them mindlessly may not be in your best interest.

Default FOV settings rarely work for everyone as FOV varies on your system’s performance capabilities along with your monitor size and type. Ultra-wide monitors may suffer from a fish-eye effect when going berserk with the FOV slider. Make sure you also configure your graphics settings after setting up the Field of View options.

Battlefield 2042: Field Of View (FOV) Settings

Battlefield 2042 uses a vertical field of view, which is important to point if you’re copying your FOV settings from a game using horizontal FOV. We have gathered the most popular FOV slider settings for an average gaming setup. However, we would suggest trying out a single-player game with AI soldiers to get familiarized with the new setting.

Most people prefer the FOV slider to be between 85-95. We would suggest keeping the slider around the 80 mark as it would consume fewer frames per second and give you a fairly balanced gameplay. Moreover, Vehicle 3rd Person FOV is also preferred to bet set around the 80-90 mark.

Battlefield 2042 FOV settings

If you’re using an ultra-wide gaming monitor, we would suggest not going past the 85 slider mark as it will result in a fish-eye lens effect, making the game look pretty weird. Here is a side-side comparison of 100 FOV on a standard 24-inch monitor and an ultra-wide 38 inches one:

After adjusting your FOV slider, practice a few offline games to get used to your new surroundings. Also, remember to tune down the FOV slider if you’re experiencing frame rate drops in-game. Interested in more in-game settings? Check out the best sensitivity settings for Battlefield 2042!

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