Best Battlefield 2042 Graphics Settings for High FPS

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Battlefield 2042 will be required at least a GTX 1050 to run smoothly, indicating the beautiful but demanding visuals in store for us. However, if you’re still experiencing wobbly gameplay, you might need to tweak up the graphics settings for a bump in frame rates.

Modifying graphics settings can be quite confusing as there are a ton of settings to choose from without any indication of what they actually do. Fortunately, there are only a handful of settings that will actually help in increasing FPS if they are lowered, and figuring them out is the key.

Battlefield 2042: PC Graphics Settings

We’ve combined a set of the best graphics settings for Battlefield 2042 which will be providing you with decent FPS without making the game look as if it’s been developed in the ’90s. However, before applying these settings, make sure that you’re running the game on at least the minimum specifications required to enjoy stutter-free games.

Best Graphics Settings

Before changing any settings, we would advise you to update your graphics drivers in case you’re running an outdated version. This method can determine a nice bump in FPS without compromising visual quality. Anyhow, here are the best graphics settings that will provide you the perfect balance between visual flare and frame rates:

High Dynamic RangeOff
Motion BlurOff
Chromatic AberrationOff
Film GrainOff
Lens DistortionOff
Texture QualityMedium/Low
Texture FilteringLow
Lighting QualityMedium/Low
Effect QualityLow
Post Processing QualityLow
Mesh QualityLow
Terrain QualityMedium
Undergrowth QualityLow
Anti-Aliasing Post-ProcessingTAA (or Low if you’re still experiencing low FPS)
Ambient OcclusionOff
Dynamic Resolution ScaleOff
Nvidia Reflex Low LatencyEnabled
Future Frame RenderingOn
Vertical SyncOff
High Fidelity Objects AmountLow

Best FOV Settings

Here are the best FOV settings for an average PC:

  • Field of View: 80-100
  • Vehicle 3P Field of View: 25-40
  • ADS Field of View: Off

Note: You can read our detailed guide on configuring Field of View settings for Battlefield 2042.

You can adjust the FOV slider to you’re liking, however increasing it too much would cost you substantial frame rates. Furthermore, you can also tweak your Nvidia Control Panel Configuration if you’re still hungry for some frames.

These graphics settings should get you geared up for Battlefield 2042 and remove any stuttering issues you might be experiencing. Battlefield 2042 is a fresh release facing a ton of bugs and issues. What issue are you facing in the latest rendition of Battlefield?

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