All Call of Duty: Vanguard Ranked Play Rewards

Call of Duty Vanguard’s Ranked Play allows the players to truly put their skills to the test and for every rank you progress, the game rewards you for the skills you have displayed. With the new Season 2 Reloaded even more rewards are added in the mix to Vanguard and we have them covered right here.

Players with amazing abilities are encouraged in Call of Duty Ranked Play win matches and place high in Ladder Events along with rewards. The Season 2 Reloaded update brings with it Top 250 Leaderboard and a slew of other rewards and features. So follow along this article to know every confirmed Ranked Play Reward for CoD: Vanguard Season 2.

All Vanguard Ranked Play Rewards

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Vanguard’s developers Treyarch have announced that this new Season 2 will come with a bunch of new rewards exclusive to the season. These rewards are achievable through “Win Challenges” and “Ladder Placements” and everything that you can get is listed below:

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Permanent Rewards

  • Calling Card and Emblem unlocked every 5 Ranks —  Climb Ranks by placing in Ladder Events
    • Ranked Royalty Solange Operator Skin, animated Calling Card, and Emblem —  Reach Rank 50

Vanguard Season 2 exclusive rewards (arrive with Season 2 Reloaded)

  • Pro Issue STG-44 Blueprint
    • Pro Issue RATT Blueprint
    • Two Season 2 Weapon Camos
    • Two Charms
    • Exclusive Spray and Sticker
    • Animated Emblem —  Awarded at end of season based on your final Skill Division
    • Skill Division charms — Win 10 games in that Skill Division
    • Ranked Legend Solange Operator Skin —  Win 25 games in Master Skill Division or higher

And if you are wondering whether these items can be equipped in Call of Duty Warzone then the answer is yes you can easily show off these items in the Rebirth Island Reloaded update of Warzone.

Are you excited about the new Ranked Play Season? Do you think these are good rewards? Comment below and let us know. And for everything Call of Duty related visit our CoD section.

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