Warzone Rebirth Island Reinforced Weapon Trade Stations Explained

Call of Duty Warzone has always found new and exciting ways to keep its fan base active and consistently make that drop in Verdansk. New Islands are added and different Points of Interest are introduced to change up the flow of the game. Here we will discuss the latest addition to the Call of Duty Warzone.

Warzone Season 2 brings with it a slew of content, especially with the Rebirth Island overhaul. The developers are introducing a bunch of cosmetics to unlock and “Community Challenges” that will change this island even further. The Weapon Trade Stations is also the latest addition and we are here to provide details for it.

Weapon Trade Stations – Call of Duty Warzone

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This new feature is included in the new Rebirth Island Reinforced map of Warzone Pacific Season 2. This station will let the player trade in their weapon for a lesser quality one along with other items. The trade items will depend on the rarity of the weapon the player gives up.

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The items you can get from trading will range from:

  • Cash
  • Equipment
  • Armor Satchels
  • Self-Revive Kits
  • Killstreaks
  • Specialist Token

So it might be fruitful to give up that rare weapon for these items.

How to Unlock Weapon Trade Stations

These stations won’t be there when you first load the game after updating. The players have to unlock them by taking part in the Rebirth Reinforced Event’s Community Challenges.

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The first of these challenges will task the players to achieve accumulated kills, the number hasn’t been disclosed yet. Once the kill number is reached the people who participated will automatically earn 25,000 XP and will unlock the Weapon Trade Stations on the Rebirth Island.

Are you excited about the new content drop in Call of Duty Warzone? What else would you like to add to this battle royale? Comment below and let us know.

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