Humankind Update Patch Notes on September 6

Amplitude Studios just released this new Humankind Update and we have the complete list of patch notes here. This is yet another update that will be bringing a long list of various bug fixes and we have list of all the changes you can expect in this release.

The Humankind Update patch has just gone live, that means it should reach you in a couple of hours. Everything you need to know regarding this update will be added in the full release notes below.

Humankind Update Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for Humankind Update that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:

Decreased the Combat Strength of the “Man of War” Unit.
Added a game option to set the speed of the horizontal/vertical panning on the map with keyboard inputs.
Added a loading screen and animated loading picto when opening the browser for the first time.
Updated the Chinese (zh-CN) translation for the following Culture names: Babylonians, Egyptians (Era 1), Hittites, Huns, Mughals, Ottomans, Edo Japanese, French.
“Glaciers” are now “Icebergs”.

Fixed a cause of save corruption due to the buyout feature being available, in some particular cases, in Cities blocked by an ongoing battle.
Fixed a cause of crash at start due to the instantiation of the embedded web browser plugin used by the Encyclopedia.
Fixed an issue where the initial War Desire isn’t added in the War Score calculation when the save has been loaded during the war.
Fixed an issue where the third Empire (also known as the infamous Magenta empire 3) seems to have vision on other Empires and Independent Peoples when it should not.
Fixed several issues where minimum value of Oil and Uranium Resource Deposits is not reached in extreme map situations. Please note the issue still exists in the Tutorial scenarios for now.

Fixed an issue where Early Modern and Contemporary Eras Settler Units have no upkeep.
Fixed an issue where the Army Upkeep cost formula for the Air and Missile Units is inconsistent, becoming extremely high.
Fixed an issue where some Resource Deposits don’t have a Resource pin.
Fixed an issue where the displayed in-game calendar does not take into account the game speed.
Fixed an issue where the game starts in English without taking the user’s language into account.
Fixed several missing localized content.

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