Impostor Factory Oct. 7 Update Patch Notes | Language Screen

Freebird Games has curtained off Impostor Factory Oct. 7 Update, and we have the complete list of patch notes for you to check out. The latest update primarily brings a brand new language selection screen that remembers your choice in between sessions. Moreover, this patch also includes several bug fixes and stability improvements.

You can download and install this patch right away as it is rolling out on all supported platforms. Unfortunately, we don’t have the actual file size of this update yet. Here is all the relevant information regarding Impostor Factory Oct. 7 Update.

Impostor Factory Patch Notes: Oct. 7 Update

Here is the complete list of official patch notes for Impostor Factory Oct. 7 Update coming out on all supported platforms:

Heya, Sturm here again!
With this update, we bring you:

– A language selection screen that now remembers your choice in between sessions (the screen is still accessible at any time from the title menu, bottom right corner)
– A more comprehensive error message in case your driver doesn’t meet the OpenGL requirements
– The game now always preferring to be ran on the dedicated GPU in case of dual GPU setups
– Game / window icons for Windows and Linux
– A true 64 bit build for Windows, accessible via launch option for now
– Cross platform save syncing via the Steam cloud

(Thanks to Kan and Ali for also helping out)

With this update, we are finally at the point of quality that we originally wanted to be at for the initial release last week; apologies for the delay. GOG and other storefront releases also shouldn’t be far off now.

And next up, I will start working on the implementation of integer scaling, for prettier and happier pixels on your screen! So look forward to that~

Sturm out

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