Jurassic World Evolution 2 Day One Update Patch Notes (November 9)

Frontier Developments have just dropped their newest title Jurassic World Evolution 2 on November 9 and as fans had expected, it came along with a hefty Day One Update but fret not as we have the complete patch notes prepared for your reading pleasure. The update has addressed some of the most overbearing bugs and issues that people have faced right at launch, ranging from the cinematics to audio, visuals, and needs of the dinosaurs. The update also aims to address some of the crash issues a few players have faced.

On the lookout for Jurassic World Evolution 2 Day One Update patch notes? You’ve come to the right place as the update was dropped very recently today, on November 9 but we won’t let our fellow gamers be in the unknown. Although trying to get the update to you the fastest has its downsides, as we are still unable to procure the file size the update might have. However, we will update the post with them as soon as we find out.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Patch Notes: Day One Update

Here are the official patch notes for Jurassic World Evolution 2 for the Day One Update available on all supported platforms:

Hello, Park Managers!

Happy Jurassic World Evolution 2 launch day! We’re very excited for you to experience everything Jurassic World Evolution 2 has to offer and to see your incredible parks! Naturally, we want to ensure you have the best experience possible with Jurassic World Evolution 2, so we’re rolling out a Day One Patch with some adjustments to general gameplay, animations, and overall stability.

For full information, please see the patch notes below:


  • Audio mix adjustments 


  • Various animation adjustments
  • Fixes to clipping and misalignment issues


  • Various graphical and clipping issues fixed


  • Fixes to various unintended game camera behaviours 


  • Minor adjustments to various intro cinematics

Crashes/Stability and Performance

  • Various crash and stability fixes
  • Optimisations to various game systems

Dinosaur & Flying/Marine Reptiles

  • Further body and pattern colour balance pass

Dinosaur Needs/Behaviours

  • Slight balance tweaks on dinosaur needs
  • Adjustments on dinosaur movement and navigation 
  • Adjustments to dinosaur attacks on ranger teams 
  • Balance tweaks on dinosaur social requirements 
  • Adjustments on live prey feeder dispensing times 
  • Adjustments to herd leadership decision making 

Dinosaur Infamy

  • Adjustments across dinosaur infamy levels 

Game Modes

  • Tweaks to economy and objectives
  • Adjustments to research unlocks and contracts 
  • Adjusted dinosaur cosmetic unlocks for Challenge Mode


  • Adjustments to guest distribution


  • Fixes and iteration to terminology across all text in game

Park Teams

  • Tweaks on various park teams
  • Fixed issue where notifications sometimes did not display
  • Adjustments to tranquilise and transport flow 
  • Adjustments to gunner accuracy 
  • Adjustments to the speed at which ranger teams perform status checks 


  • Updated lighting for environments and storms


  • Tweaks across UI screens and icons in game 
  • Added detail to front end menus for the narrative modes and difficulty suggestions for Chaos Theory mode 
  • Building tooltips added across a number of buildings 
  • Added trend arrows to the finance value on the HUD 
  • Added visible arc to transportation UI 
  • Added raise/lower stand while viewing from lagoon stand 
  • Adjustments to the park overview finance graphs 
  • Tweaks to help screen triggers 
  • Adjustments on mineral and fossil hardness to make it easier to extract/sell 

The game has been a trip down nostalgia lane for us as we’ve grown up on Jurassic Park movies. And with the Day One Update, we can expect it to become even better than it is right now.

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  1. hi ive tryed downloading version 1.01 for jurassic world evolution 2 its says its downloaded but will not install and theres bugs with the bird cage were the bird dinosaur gets stuck in the floor and ontop of the viewing platform

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