Last Epoch Update 0.8.2g Patch Notes on June 2

Eleventh Hour Games has just released Last Epoch Update 0.8.2g and we have the complete patch notes for you to read. The new upddate adds some stability improvements while also fixing some bugs in the Monolith of Fate.

The patch is a Beta update. So, you might not be able to access it instantly. However, it will be a global and will be available on all supported platforms whenever it is released.

Last Epoch Update 0.8.2g Patch Notes

Here are the complete patch notes for Last Epoch Update 0 .8.2g:

Monolith of Fate

  • Beacon echoes can no longer spawn adjacent to each other.
  • Holding ctrl + alt while hovering over a Blessing now shows its potential range of values.
  • If you die in an echo and then complete it later, destroying a Vessel of Memory will now restore the echo’s guaranteed reward.
  • Fixed a bug where logging out or going to a different zone before unlocking empowered timelines would prevent you from unlocking them for that character. Affected characters can now unlock the timelines as normal.
  • Fixed a bug where completing a quest echo would grant stability equal to the previous non-quest echo you ran (and also reapply some of its other on-completion effects).
  • Fixed a bug where the timeline stability bar could be incorrectly filled when moving to a new timeline.
  • Fixed “reduced corruption” rewards using the same icon as “added corruption” rewards.


  • Completing the 3rd quest echo of a timeline now reduces stability by the 3rd quest echo’s requirement, rather than reducing it to 0.
  • The 3rd quest echo in empowered timelines now requires 750 stability (from 1000 in 0.8.2d). The stability requirement for the 2nd quest echo has also been reduced for most empowered timelines.
  • Stability requirements for the 2nd and 3rd quest echoes have been reduced for higher level non-empowered timelines.
  • Empowered timelines now all have a maximum stability of 1500 (so you can save up 2 quest echo runs, assuming no deaths).
  • The amount of Timeline Stability granted by rewards at 350 corruption and above is 12.5% lower.


  • The maximum number of spires in a single echo has been reduced to 4 (from 5).
  • Fewer spires spawn on average in a spire echo.
  • All spires have a 20% longer delay between attacks.
  • Bone spires deal 34% less damage.
  • Wengari Spires deal 30% less damage.
  • Fixed the names of spire abilities (shown on the death screen).

User Interface

  • Fixed various visual bugs related to fading between different tabs in the world map.
  • Polished scrolling behavior in the world map while the quest list is open.
  • Removed “Monolith of Fate” labels from waypoints in the End of Time map tab.
  • The ladder now shows the Softcore tab by default.
  • The fill on the floating ward bar above the player character’s head now works the same way as the fill on the ward bar above the health globe.
  • Fixed a bug where the ward bar above the health globe would only fill to 73% capacity.
  • Fixed icons for Marksman skills in the passive panel not changing color when unlocked.


  • Fixed a bug where attempting to channel a skill while already channeling another skill (or instance of the same skill) would cause the player to get stuck in a channeling animation.
  • Fixed a bug where resummoning a Bone Golem with the Marrow Eater node active could break various other minion-centric effects.
  • Earthquake’s Cataclysm now converts all base and added damage to fire (from just converting added damage, which was very low for the default melee variant).
  • Earthquake’s Storm Rift now adds 50 lightning damage to the initial hit (from 30).’
  • Fixed a bug where Entangling Roots’ nodes for buffing minions were not buffing minions.
  • Fixed a bug where Flurry’s Shockwave could not trigger Kineticism on kill.
  • Added sub-ability tooltips for Kineticism.
  • Fixed the Enra’s Technique node for Hammer Throw granting too much crit when Hammer Vortex was also taken.
  • Fixed an incorrect scaling description for Harvest’s Elements of Death node.
  • Reaper Form’s alt tooltip now describes that excess damage taken in Reaper Form is dealt to your human form health.
  • Fixed a bug where Thorn Totem’s Rotten Core node did not apply to Healing Totems with the Spiked Totem node.


  • If you have a stat granting you “% of missing health gained as ward per second” levelling up no longer heals you to full (as this can be counterproductive for survival). Instead, you gain ward equal to your maximum health.


  • Updated animations for Zombie enemies.


  • Updated 2d art for all Shade of Orobyss uniques.
  • Fixed a bug where alt text for various stat lines on uniques did not display (particularly on stats that can’t exist on normal items).
  • Clarified that Flight of the First’s Ancient Flight can’t be triggered by movement skills.
  • Increased melee damage and increased physical damage spawn more rarely on shields.
  • Increased the value of the increased mana regen affix for tiers 1 to 4. Tier 1 is now 10% to 14% (from 8% to 11%).

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