Riot Games have rolled out the new Legends of Runeterra Update 1.16 along with the full patch notes list today on December 15. There are tons of new features, cosmetics and collectibles in this 40-card expansion, called as Cosmic Creation, that has been released for Legends of Runeterra. We have covered all the details below as announced by Riot Games themselves.

Cosmic Creation is the final expansion to Legends of Runeterra’s Call of the Mountain. Since there is a lot to cover and explore, let’s dive right into the patch notes below.

Legends of Runeterra Update 1.16 Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for the Legends of Runeterra Update 1.16 that has been deployed and live for everyone right now.

New Expansion: Cosmic Creation

Cosmic Creation, the final expansion of Call of the Mountain, has finally arrived! From the outskirts of Noxus, to the laboratories of Zaun, and the furthest reaches of the Celestial Realm, come three new Champions – Riven, Viktor, and Zoe. Cosmic Creation includes these 3 Champions and 40 new collectible cards in total, including Followers, Spells, and Landmarks across all regions.

Cosmic Creation introduces the new keyword – Augment. Followers with Augment get a permanent +1|+0 bonus any time a ‘created’ card is played after they’ve been summoned. Created cards are any cards created by another card – whether it’s invoked, created in your deck and then drawn, or directly created in-hand. Some text has been updated on existing cards to clarify what’s considered as a ‘created’ card.

Two new Challenges are available to introduce you to the new mechanics of Cosmic Creation – Augmentation and Progress, and Reforging the Blade. Three new Daily Quests have also been added that revolve around Cosmic Creation’s new keywords and Champions.

Shyvana - Legends of Runeterra

Prismatic Card Styles & Essence

Along with Cosmic Creation, Patch 1.16 introduces Prismatic Card Styles – a new way to customize your favorite cards in your collection.

Hey Giddy Sparkleologist, you’re gonna want to see this!

Each of your cards can be upgraded to a Prismatic in a few different ways; the process upgrades all of that card’s copies in your collection, present and future. No need to upgrade 3 copies of each to get a full set:

  • Prismatic Chests: There are various qualities of Prismatic Chests; opening one allows you to choose one of three cards to upgrade to Prismatic, along with some Essence (explained below). Prismatic Chests can be earned through new Card Styles Quests (separate from current Daily Quests), and they’ll be included as Ranked Rewards at the end of a Season. The higher your rank, the more / better Prismatic Chests you’ll receive – these rewards will be first implemented for the end of Cosmic Creation’s Ranked Season.
  • Essence: A new resource, earnable from Prismatic Chests, Essence Pouches, and Quests. Shown in the example above, Essence can be used in your collection to upgrade your card of choice to a Prismatic. Essence prices vary based on card type, from Common to Champion.
  • Coins: Like Essence, Coins can be used to directly upgrade a card of your choice to a Prismatic.
Legends of Runeterra Update 1.16 - Prismatic Ranked Rewards

As excited as we are to roll out Prismatic Card Styles, this is just our first step in card customization. We’re still planning out a ton of ways to give players even more ways to personalize their collection over the next year. Also keep in mind, at the moment, once you upgrade a card to a Prismatic, it’s permanent – there’s no going back. We’ll be adding an option to toggle individual Prismatics on / off in the future.

Region Road Updates

Region Roads for Noxus, Piltover & Zaun, and Targon are being extended from 25>30 levels to help fill out your collection of Riven, Viktor, and Zoe-related cards being added in Cosmic Creation. A Zaun Card Back is also being made available on the Piltover & Zaun Region Road at level 29.

You didn’t think we’d just leave you with a Piltover Card Back, right?

That’s not all, though – Region Roads for all Regions are being extended to a maximum of 30 levels. At level 30, you’ll get an icon for that region; show off your support for your favorite region!

Legends of Runeterra Update 1.16 - Region Road

Special Lab: Multilab

Heimerdinger’s Lab has expanded to make more room for science, with three times the experimentation! Each experiment is a new way to play. Try them all, find your favorites, and tell us what you think!

This is a permanent Lab expansion! Moving forward, there will be multiple Labs available at a given time. Every once in a while, one of the Labs on the list will be rotated out for a new Lab, so there’s always something new to discover!

Patch 1.16 brings back three of your favourites from throughout 2020. Look for new Labs joining the lineup soon!

  • From Patch 1.7, Quick Draw: Think on your feet and find the right plays to earn your victory! Each round gives you a new hand of random, cost-reduced cards. Play the hand you’re dealt and adapt your way to victory!
  • From Patch 1.13, Star Power: Choose a premade deck or construct your own, and take the stage with powerful special abilities! Equip yourself with one of five potent passives that’ll change the way you play your deck.
  • From Patch 1.11, Journey to the Peak: Battle your way to Targon’s peak with Leona or Diana, in a series of single-player battles! Choose to champion the moon or the sun, select a unique special ability, and build your deck as you challenge increasingly difficult AI opponents on you climb the mountain.



Legends of Runeterra Update 1.16 Zaun Board

The Undercity

For legends who experiment with every possibility.


Nyandroid Von Yipp

Science isn’t about why—it’s about why not.

Personality: Supervillain

Evolution: Glorious

Card Backs

  • A new card back is available for purchase in the store.
    • The Exile Card Back

For legends born in battle and raised by war.


  • 4 new emotes available for purchase in the store.


  • The Zaun Bundle is now available for 1422 Coins. Bundle includes:
    • The Undercity Board
    • Nyandroid Von Yipp Guardian
    • Bundle-exclusive Calculated Creations Icon

Deck Bundles

Legends of Runeterra Update 1.16 - Forged Battle Deck Bundle

The Forged For Battle Bundle is now available for 2034 Coins (prorated for any excess card copies based on your existing collection). Bundle includes a collection of cards focused on combat buffs and combos to make the most of Riven and Taric’s abilities.


For Cosmic Creation we’re adding four new archetypes to the Expeditions pool, featuring the new champions and strategies highlighted in this expansion.

  • Four new Cosmic Creation archetypes added to the Expeditions draft pool.
    • Awesome Augments: Viktor and Zoe work together to create lots of cards and potentially (not *always* guaranteed in the archetype!) summon a giant Catastrophe.
    • Blades and Buffs: archetype based around enhancing your units featuring Riven and Taric.
    • Augmented Assault: bonus archetype based around Riven’s blade fragments powering up Viktor’s Augmented creations.
    • Vault of Crowns: Garen and Thresh bonus archetype revolving around The Grand Plaza and Vaults of Helia.
  • Cosmic Creation archetypes will temporarily be three times as likely as they would otherwise be to appear in the initial Champion Picks. We’ll even out these chances in a later patch.
  • Cards from Cosmic Creation have been added to various appropriate archetypes.
  • We’re also retiring two bonus archetypes: Cataclysm and Crimson Guard. This means that each region will have exactly two bonus archetypes in the Cosmic Creation format.

NOTE: Active Expeditions will not roll over into Cosmic Creation, and players will be forced to retire any active runs. Active trials (not those mid-draft!) will be compensated normally.


The patching upgrades mentioned in the Patch 1.15 notes will be live with Patch 1.16. An additional 200mb download will be required for this patch, and patching should be significantly faster for future patches.


  • Eclipse Dragon cost reduction is no longer consumed by Celestial spells
  • Vladimir’s level 2 attack effect no longer fizzles if Vladimir is removed from combat
  • Several text updates to improve consistency

Let us know in the comments of what you think of these changes. You can expect another patch with more balance updates in the next two weeks. If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

[via Riot Games]

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