Maneater Update 1.09 Patch Notes on August 31 | Truth Quest DLC

Tripwire Interactive has deployed the latest Maneater Update 1.09 for “Truth Quest DLC” and we have the full list of patch notes here. The new patch launches the much-hyped up Truth Quest DLC pack along with a long list of new features. You can read through all the new additions, performance improvements and general bug fixes in the next section.

All the relevant details you need to know regarding this Maneater Update 1.09 (PS5 Update 1.000.006) has been covered in the full release notes. We do not yet have the update file size, but it shouldn’t be a huge one. Since the patch was released a couple of hours ago, it should be live on all the platforms now.

Maneater Update 1.09 Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for Maneater Update 1.09 that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:

Patch version:
Steam: Live
EGS: Live
PS4: 1.09
PS5: 1.000.006
XBox One :
Xbox Series S|X:

Truth Quest Additions – Requires ownership of the Truth Quest DLC

  • Explore a Brand New Region and unravel its secrets
    • Port Clovis – Home to the military Naval Wildlife Organization
    • New Objective Types
      • Failure to Communicate: Tail-whip objects to destroy the target objective
      • Time Trial: Swim through the rings before time runs out!
  • Evolve into something more with
    • A new evolution set
    • Additional organ slot that unlocks at Level 35 with ownership of Truth Quest DLC
    • Increased level cap to 40
    • 5 New Organ Evolutions
  • Eat your fill of the new Wildlife, NWO Military Forces and Bounties
    • Eat your way through newly evolved predators
    • Track down the elusive Uber Apex and challenge it’s might
    • The NWO will not only fight you at sea but fortify the beaches and hunt by air via helicopter
    • 5 New NWO Bounty Bosses have joined the hunt and their teams are equipped with new weapons and vehicles
  • Truth Quest Pilot – available to all players
    • Be lured into the story of Truth Quest and learn why you are leaving the “safety” of your familiar grottos.

Bug Fixes
Platform Specific

PlayStation 4 & 5

  • Introducing cross saves from PS4 to PS5. Carry Maneater progress from PS4 to PS5
  • Maneater Truth Quest supports crossbuy along with the Maneater base game
  • New save files will use less space on console. This is to also help increase user save stability and decrease issues with progression lost
    • NOTE: this only applies to new saves, old saves or save carried over from PS4 to PS5 will still be the larger file size
  • Work in improving stability of save files to help ensure user progress is not lost

Save File

  • Modifications to save sequences during certain cinematics that permitted the player to revert to the start of the game if the game was exited during specific portions of the cinematic
  • Implemented a system to check players progress and grant trophies/achievements. This will help unlock some trophies/achievements that did not unlock properly


  • Memory and performance changes for a more consistent playthrough


  • Improved reminders on when the player can upgrade Evolutions
  • Cleaned up notifications when upgrading evolution tiers
  • Adjustments to how quickly cursor will snap to and stick to icons in the overhead map
  • Added functionality to the overhead map to hide and unhide completed objective icons
  • Added functionality to collapse list of completed objectives
  • Fixed an issue with the saving in progress icon could become stuck on the screen on the Xbox One
  • Modifications to the size of subtitle text

General Bugs

  • Fixed issue for divers to potentially float after being hit with a dodge attack
  • Fixed several localization issues across the game
  • Fixed some spelling errors in the game
  • Fixed issues with Bio-electric stun VFX was not playing on creatures unless the bio-electric body was equipped
  • Fixed issue where a diver might not chase player shark after being tail whipped
  • Fixed some clipping during the Personal Project cutscene
  • Fixed an issue where the player could not unpause the game if the game was paused while loading
  • Fixed issues with audio and cinematics becoming desynced due to pausing
  • Fixed some issues where wildlife could be propelled great distances
  • Fixed an issue where grates in Golden Shore would not disappear when completed

Maneater is now out for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch platforms. If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

Source: Tripwire

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