Marvel Strike Force Update 5.8.0 Patch Notes

Marvel Strike Force Update 5.8.0 was pushed out earlier today by Scopely, and here are the full list of patch notes here for you to read through. This new release adds the Eternals content to the game, starting with three new characters: Dormammu, Ikaris, and Sersi. There are also some new costumes to wear, a new Campaign Chapter.

All the relevant information you may need to know regarding the Marvel Strike Force patch notes for Update 5.8.0 is covered below. You should be able to download and install this patch right away on the relevant platforms.

Marvel Strike Force Update 5.8.0 Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for Marvel Strike Force Update 5.8.0 that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:

Arriving over the course of this release:

  • Enhance your Roster with 3 new playable characters: Dormammu, Ikaris, and Sersi
  • New costumes: Phoenix – Endsong, Hawkeye – Hawkguy, Ultron – What If…?
  • New Dark Dimension V: Escape the darkness to recruit the ruler of the Dark Dimension: Dormammu!
  • New Campaign Chapter: Doom War Chapter 4 – Earn gear tier 15 mini-uniques and more in this exciting new adventure.  
  • Updated Doom War Campaign missions: Gear tier 15 mini-uniques have also been added to select missions in chapters 2 and 3.
  • Assemble a top squad with the limited-time Defiant trait for the Sersi Event Campaign: “Darkness Comes.”
  • Coming in the near future, in Elite Supplies, a 5 Red Star promotion for Doctor Doom will be available for purchase with Dark Promotion Credits.

Bug Fixes

  • Text Update: Captain Marvel’s Level 5 Update for her Special Ability, “Warbird,” has been updated to include the text: “+ damage to primary target.” The combat behavior was correct and remains unchanged.
  • Text Update: Cloak’s Ultimate ability, “Shadow Assault,” has been updated to clarify that, with Dagger, the attack gains extra Piercing Damage, and not an additional attack.
  • Text Update: Dagger’s Ultimate ability, “Sissone Attitude,” has been updated to clarify that, with Cloak, the attack gains extra Damage, and not an additional attack.
  • Deathpool’s Passive ability, “Death Comes For All,” was clearing positive effects from a random enemy instead of the most injured enemy.
  • Impact sounds for Shang-Chi’s Ultimate Ability, “Way of Fury” were sometimes not working correctly during battle.
  • Closing the game after creating or editing a Saved Squad in the Blitz, Arena, Raid, or War tab was causing the team to only be saved on the Roster Tab.
  • Trait-specific gear (Bio, Mutant, Mystic, Skill, and Tech) at gear tier 15 had improper gear names.

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