Crystal Dynamics has released the new Marvel’s Avengers Update for PC players and we have the complete patch notes below, courtesy of Steam. Since this update is just rolling out to PC, other console users do not have to worry about installing this latest patch. Update brings over some important bug fixes that have been found on the Steam version.

Since there are no new features in this update, but there are several graphics improvements and fixes that will help you play the game much more smoothly. If you were one of the few experiencing the DEVICE_HUNG crash issue, it should be fixed after this patch.

Here are the official patch notes for Marvel’s Avengers Update that is now rolling out to a single platform – PC (Steam).

  • Improvements to stability and performance, this patch solves some reports of the DEVICE_HUNG crash.
  • NVIDIA DLSS in Marvel’s Avengers now supports Dynamic Resolution Scaling (DRS). When DRS is enabled along with DLSS, DLSS dynamically adjusts render resolution to deliver maximum image quality while maintaining the target frame rate.
  • When determining settings on the initial run of the game, or when resetting settings to default, the game will now set defaults better tailored to your machine. The selected output resolution will take into account your GPU power, Dynamic Resolution Scaling will be set to 60fps on sufficiently capable hardware, and DLSS will be enabled by default on all hardware that supports it.
  • The game now warns players on NVIDIA hardware with drivers older than 461.09 to upgrade. These drivers contain fixes that are important to solid performance and stability of Marvel’s Avengers.

This is it from Crystal Dynamics for this update. There may still be some bugs around that need to be fixed, rest assured the developers are on it and they should be taken care of in future updates. You can go through our Patch Notes section for more game updates and patches rolling out this week.

[via Steam]

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