Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.19 is now live and made available on December 11 by Square Enix teams along with a patch notes list from Steam. Since the launch of Kate Bishop in the Marvel’s Avengers game, this is the second or third small patch to fix various bugs and problems with the character related glitches.

Crystal Dynamics has not announced or posted anything about this update. However, we now know the changes that have been made, thanks to Steam.

Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.19 Patch Notes

Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.19 Patch Notes

Here is a list of patch notes for the Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.19 update that is rolling out right now. Please note, the following release notes from the PC version of the game. Console version of Marvel’s Avengers might have different bug fixes.

  • Fixed an issue where the teleportation of Kate Bishop doesn’t work on mouse and keyboard, when defense mode is set to toggle in the settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the friend feed wasn’t showing if friends were playing Marvel’s Avengers.
  • Minor stability fixes.

This is everything we know so far of this update. If you spot any other change, let us know below in the comments. For a list of other game changes and updates, check out our Patch Notes section.

[via Steam]

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