Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy File Size (Update 1.001) Day One Patch

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, being published by Square Enix, is all set to release on October 26. With the company’s previous Marvel-themed game facing huge backlash due to issues with bugs and matchmaking, this release is the key to their redemption.

The title is being developed by Eidos-Montreal and will be available to play on all next-gen consoles and PC. Featuring famous Marvel Characters like Star-Lord and Groot, the game is packed with new features and a vibrant aesthetic. Unfortunately, this also means that the game will have a relatively larger file size.

Guardians of the Galaxy Game File Size

The pre-load is currently set for October 24. It gives players who purchase Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy two full days to free up space and download the game before its worldwide release. Fortunately, the file size of the game’s PS5 version has been leaked along with the suspected first update size. Here is the minimum space you’ll require to download the game on your platform:

Base Game File Size:

According to a source on Twitter, the pre-load size for the game weighs in at around 39.692 GB which isn’t too bad if you compare the visuals and action-packed gameplay it has to offer.

The Game’s PC version’s Size has not been confirmed but it is also rumored to require around 74 GB of your disk space.

In retrospect, last year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War takes up an eye-watering 130GB of storage space on PS5 and Xbox Series X. A fairer comparison would be with Marvel’s Avengers game which took up 74 GB on PS5 while racking a whopping 104 GB on Xbox X.

Update 1.001.000 File Size

It’s pretty common for the first update of the game to be of substantial file size and similarly, Update 1.001.000 is reported to take up 38 GB of your hard drive. Day one patches usually fix up bugs and issues, so if you’re already low on space, all you can do is hope for the game to launch with as few bugs as possible.

If you’re deciding to play the game on a PC, we would recommend installing it on an SSD for the best possible performance. Are you prepared to try out the new Marvel game despite the fallout of their previous Marvel Avengers? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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