Medieval Dynasty Update Patch Notes on January 18

Toplitz Productions has published and deployed this latest Medieval Dynasty Update and we have the complete patch notes with us. This patch is now available to for PC players on Steam and was released earlier today on January 18.

There is some new content pushed with this update along with the usual gameplay fixes and bugs. We have covered the entire list below after the jump. We do not have a file size yet of this update, but if you see it in Steam, do let us know below in the comments.

Medieval Dynasty Update Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for the Medieval Dynasty Update that is now rolling out to everyone via Steam.


  • New sounds for Hammer.
  • New sounds for Axe.
  • New sounds for Pickaxe.
  • New sounds for Chest.
  • Sounds for Tree Falling – only cracking.
  • Switch sounds for: Hammer, Pickaxe.
  • Resource icons have been added to the Crafting and Building Menus.
  • A colored indicators of the number of resources in the Crafting and Building Menus.
  • Item condition displayed while interacting.
  • Horse weight icon in HUD if the horse is overloaded.
  • Setting for Belgian keyboard quickslots.


  • Lack of breath sound when character is tired.
  • Switch sounds for Stone Axe.
  • The game save file grew with each save game.
  • Problem with picking up an item from the road.
  • Snow material under the Fishing Hut.
  • Goats and sheep are looking for a male of a different species.
  • Depleted rocks do not respawn.
  • Selling animals do not give any diplomacy points.
  • Paying taxes partially results in coins spawning as if it was dropped.
  • Waterskin cannot be emptied with the “UI Additional Action” button.
  • When a stolen Torch is equipped, replacing it with a non-stolen Torch removes the “Stolen” status of the previous one.
  • Herald stats show in the Inspector mode.
  • A problem where the first King does not have a name after loading a saved game.
  • Hunting Lodge 2 asking for 4 and 1 logs separately instead of just 5 logs.
  • “Cold war” challenge.
  • Wrong order when changing wall to door or window in house.
  • Wheat, Flax, Oat and Rye items de-spawn over season change.
  • Sometimes the position of the Mine is incorrect after placing it.
  • Player character weight and speed are not correctly updating when equipping/removing backpack or pouch.
  • Set number of items to craft sometimes differs from the final number of items to craft.
  • Weather does not change when sleeping in bed.
  • The word ‘Türk’ changed to ‘Türkçe’.
  • After accepting Alwin’s challenge and while the player is still shooting, Alwin walks away back to his field.
  • Problem with loss of seed / fertilizer when the sowing / fertilizing animation is interrupted.
  • The player is unable to interact with the horse at night.
  • The horse does not get up from sleep when the player tries to mount it.
  • Camera rotation speed when the character is riding a horse.
  • “Inverted Mouse” option does not work when the character is riding a horse.
  • The player is unable to jump or crouch if the character went to sleep while crouching.
  • The horse does not attract wolves when they can’t see it.
  • The chest does not open or close after the player’s interaction.


  • French language.
  • German language.
  • Polish language.
  • Ukrainian language.
  • Russian language.
  • Optimization of save game duration.
  • Numerous UI visual improvements.
  • VRAM optimization.
  • The furniture placement system has been improved.
  • Blocked flirting with vendors.
  • NPCs from the villages on the map will not flirt with the player, instead they will direct the player’s character to random NPCs around the campfire.
  • Interactions with fields in neighboring villages have been blocked.
  • Equipped buckets now have “fill” action displayed on HUD.
  • Condition of items is now displayed in radial menu for quickslots.
  • 1-4 keyboard buttons now also work when selecting Event buttons.
  • Fall damage is calculated for the horse the player is riding.
  • Animals other than the horse can no longer take fall damage. A horse can only take fall damage with a rider.
  • Animation of cow milking, with the bucket filling with milk.

If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

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