Minecraft Beta Update Patch Notes

Minecraft Beta Update was just released earlier today by Mojang, and here are the full list of patch notes for you to read. This new release brings over a couple of a experimental changes, such as the new addition of frogs will not eat goats. There is a long list of bug fixes and features that we have discussed below.

All the relevant information you may need to know regarding the Minecraft Beta patch notes for Update is covered in the next section. You should be able to join this beta release and download it right away. If you still encounter any bugs, you must contact Mojang support for further help. This beta is only available for the Android, Windows PC and Xbox platforms.

Minecraft Patch Notes: Update

Here are the official patch notes for Minecraft Beta Update that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:

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Experimental Features


Features and Bug Fixes


  • Cocoa Pods placed on chunk borders don’t break anymore upon reloading the World (MCPE-67479)
  • Structure Block structures now correctly transform (rotate and/or mirror) multiface blocks (e.g. Glow Lichen)


  • Fixed Observer block retaining its lit state while in the inventory if destroyed while blinking (MCPE-114173)
  • Fixed a bug where Paintings could overlap with Glow Item Frames, Signs, Banners, and Torches
  • Pillager Outposts now spawn the correct number of Pillagers and Golems (MCPE-141499)



  • Untamed Cats can now be leashed
  • Guardians and Elder Guardians no longer sink while targeting an enemy or the player

User Interface

  • The Construction tab on the inventory screen now has the correct color when using Pocket UI
  • Fixed an issue with missing Inventory slots when using Pocket UI (MCPE-151545)
  • Fixed an issue with blank inventory slots in the creative inventory, which could cause interaction issues in the world (MCPE-151506)

World Generation

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Technical Updates

Stability and Performance

  • Reduced memory and load times for ticking areas

GameTest Framework (Experimental)

  • Added function setVelocity(velocity: Vector): bool- Sets the velocity of this entity
  • Added property viewVector: Vector- Represents the direction that the entity is looking, as a vector
  • Added property headLocation: Location- Represents the location of the head of the entity
  • Added property bodyRotation: number- Represents the body rotation of the entity as a float (in degrees)


  • Fixed a bug where animation events, sound effect events, and particle events would not trigger if the event time specified was equal to the total “animation_length”
  • Fixed an issue where event times were not considered within the animation length calculation that happens when “animation_length” is not explicitly specified


  • Fixed an issue that caused format_versions that are declared as numerical values rather than strings to be parsed properly
  • When creating a flat world from a template that has a base game version from before the Caves and Cliffs update, the layers will no longer be 64 blocks in the air


  • Added alland query.any to check if a value matches all or any of the following values
  • Added in_rangeto check if a value is in the (inclusive) range between a min and max value
  • Added query.in_range to check if a value is in the (inclusive) range between a min and max value

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Source: Mojang

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