MIR4 November 2 Update Patch Notes

MIR4 November 2 Update was released earlier today by the WeMade developers, and here are the complete list of patch notes for you. This new release brings a number of in-game updates along with new content. There is a new class added, as well as new game content as Solitude Training.

All the relevant information you may need to know regarding the MIR4 patch notes for November 2 Update is below. We do not yet have the file size for this update, but you should be able to download it directly off Steam right now.

MIR4 Patch Notes: November 2 Update

Here are the official patch notes for MIR4 November 2 Update that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:

◈In-Game Updates

1. New Class – Arbalist

– New class Arbalist will be added.

Arbalist is the only ranged physical damage class in MIR4, an agile, battle-hardened assassin delivering devastating blows to opponents from afar.

– 2 types of Arbalist codex will be added.

1. Codex Name : Dead Shot

    Item : Magical Arrowhead

2. Codex Name : Ultimate Blow

    Item : Deadly Arrowhead

2. Class Change

– Class Change system enables you to switch between different classes while maintaining the original character’s Level, Constitution, Inner force, and server-based codex.

– The Class Change system is available from Level 50, and different class types can be unlocked using copper and gold.

– All growth progression stats and inventory items will remain even when switching classes. However, class-specific skills will not be carried over and equipment will become unusable.

Further details can be checked in our Game Encyclopedia – ‘Class Change’.

3. Solitude Training

– Solitude Training is a feature where players can further elevate their character’s efficiency in PvE and PvP environments through 4 specialized groups of vessel training. (Conception, Governing, Thoroughfare, Girdle Vessels)

– Solitude Training is available from Level 70.

– Each type of vessel training group is made up of 8 ability slots which enhance specific character stats. There are 32 types of stats in total, which can be enhanced up to rank 10 by using energy and resources.

– Source to gain required items for Solitude Training

   Snow Panax and Oil(Uncommon to Epic) can be obtained from Magic Square/Secret Peak 4th floor and above.

   Snow Panax/Oil can drop from field monsters.

   Rare Noirsoul Herb can drop from Field/Elite/Labyrinth/Hidden Valley area types.

– Additional stats can be gained by reaching higher levels of enhancement.

– Solitude Training consists of 3 types of possible outcomes; Success, Fail, and Tangled Inner Force. Each time you are affected by the Tangled Inner Force, Enhancement levels can decrease by up to 3 ranks. 

Further details can be checked in our Game Encyclopedia – ‘Solitude Training’

4. Special boss ‘Crimson Emperor Utukan’

– Crimson Emperor Utukan: Lv. 130

– Utukan is approximately 10 times stronger than Snake Valley’s 4th floor boss.

– Utukan’s lair can be found in the ‘Crimson Abaddon’ located on the 4th floor of the Snake Hidden Valley.

– Spawn Time : Every Friday 22:00

※ Spawns will be based on Regional Server Times.


5. Valley Proclamation

‘Valley Proclamation’ is a new feature allowing Hidden Valley owners to set up various notices or warnings for all Hidden Valley visitors to view.

– The leader and elders of the clan that owns Hidden Valleys can register the proclamation through the Territory menu.

– Proclamation menu also offers translation functionality for everyone to understand the message written by the Hidden Valley owners.

– The proclamation will be prompted as a pop-up message to all players that enter the Hidden Valley regardless of floors.

6. New NPC Shop ‘Lucky Cat Luckster’

– Lucky Cat Luckster is an NPC in Arcadia Spirit Village, where players can craft <Lucky Potion Box>.

– From Lucky Cat Luckster, higher tiered items can be obtained through ‘Great Success’.

Craft ResourcesQuantityCrafting ItemAcquirable item on Great Success
[R] Noirsoul Herb[E] Oil[E] Snow PanaxMillennial Fruit Leaf1
Luckster’s Rare Potion BoxLuckster’s Epic Potion Box
[R] Noirsoul Herb[E] Oil[E] Snow PanaxMillennial Fruit Leaf10
Luckster’s Epic Potion BoxLuckster’s Legendary Potion Box
[R] Noirsoul Herb2[R] Glittering Powder Box[E] Glittering Powder Box
[R] Noirsoul Herb2[R] Life Elixir Box[E] Life Elixir Box

7. Guest Account Creation Removal

– Guest account creation option will be removed in this update.

※ Guest accounts created before the update will remain accessible post-update.

※ We recommend linking your game account using your social account(s) for a safe and stable gameplay experience.

8. In-game bug fixes & gameplay improvements

– Message display regarding Mail deletion date will be improved.

– Typo in Beastly Nefariox Talisman information will be fixed.

◈DRACO Updates

1. XDRACO items

– Items with XDRACO property will be added.

   Epic & Legendary Equipments (Weapon/Armor/Accessory)

   Epic & Legendary Magic Stones (7 types, Including Magic Stone of Growth)

   Epic & Legendary Spirit Treasures (Can only be obtained through Combining)

   XDRACO Chest (Glittering Powder, Life Elixir, Identification Scroll, etc)

– XDRACO items will be moved to your in-game XDRACO stash once sealed, which can then be traded on the XDRACO market.

   Items moved to XDRACO stash after sealing, won’t be usable in the game. In order to use the item, it first needs to be unsealed and moved back into your inventory.

※ Trading features of XDRACO items through the XDRACO market will be added in future updates.

If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

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