Necromunda: Hired Gun June 4 Update Patch Notes | First Patch

Serum on Studio has just released Necromunda: Hired Gun June 4 Update and we have the complete patch notes for you tor read. The new update includes tons of small bug fixes and improvements in audio and the game pad.

The patch will be available globally for all players who have purchased the game and will be a mandatory download. You can take a look at the complelte patch notes down below.

Necromunda: Hired Gun Patch Notes

Here are the complete patch notes for Necromunda: Hired Gun:

Hello Bounty hunters!
We have been reading your comments and compiling suggestions since the release a few days ago. Thank you so much for your feedback!

We also hope that you like the Warhammer Skulls event and the Corsair skin set that comes with it! For those wondering where to get the skin for your Bounty Hunter, simply talk to the Barmaid in Martyr’s End.

We’re happy to release our first patch on Steam. It includes various fixes based on your reports since launch. This is only a first step and we continue to work on various topics, including the stutters that some of you encounter. You can check out our last community update for more info about what we are working on. Without further ado, let’s dig into this patch!

Patch content
You will find below the main fixes that this patch is bringing:


  • Dialogue sound mixing improvements (global VO volume increased)
  • Added missing sound FXs in levels

Bug fixes

  • Fix a possible blocker during the Takedown tutorial
  • Fix of a random bug causing an incorrect offset in aiming alignment
  • Fix of Numpad keys triggering unexpected behaviours ingame
  • Invert camera setting doesn’t apply on the wheel selection anymore
  • Fix of a bug when opening a menu while Strengh Booster is still active
  • Various fixes


  • Rework of the Aim Assist when the player switch to iron sight

Thank you!
That’s it for today’s patch! We are still working on more time consuming fixes, such as stuttering, FPS issues and various other bugs. The game will keep improving, so stay tuned!

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See you in the hive!

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