Neverwinter Update 9.62 Patch Notes on Oct. 7

Neverwinter Update 9.62 has just been revealed by Arc Games, and we have the official list of patch notes for you to check out. The latest update primarily brings several gameplay changes, including Demogorgon’s equipment mechanics. Moreover, this patch also adds several UI changes and stability improvements to the game. With this patch installed, the game is expected to run even smoother than before.

This patch is currently live as a mandatory download on all supported platforms. The actual file size of this update hasn’t been disclosed by the developers. All the relevant information regarding Neverwinter Update 9.62 has been added in the following section.

Neverwinter Patch Notes: Update 9.62

Here are the official patch notes for the Neverwinter update:


Echoes of Prophecy Fixes

  • The Echoes of Prophecy currency purchase in the Zen Market no longer has a chance to provide slightly less than the full value for the Battle Pass track.
  • Accepting Echoes of Prophecy rewards no longer prevents other rewards from being claimed, if accepted in an order that isn’t left-to-right.
  • Certain packs from Echoes of Prophecy can once again properly be reclaimed from the Reward Claims Agent.

Known Issues

In the Reconnaissance Lockbox that’s going live tomorrow, the Dedicated Squire companion is incorrectly dealing damage balanced for single-target powers, while performing AoE attacks. This results in the companion dealing higher damage than intended. This will be adjusted in a future patch.

Release Notes

Content and Environment


  • How Enchanting: Tarhun will now offer an additional Glass Etched Runestone to adventurers who have misplaced theirs.
  • Polished Quartz handed out by Tarhun can now properly be converted to refinement points.


  • Music has been restored to the trial.

Items and Economy


  • Demogorgon’s Reach can now properly be equipped while Thirst is equipped.
  • Neverwinter’s Standard can now properly be equipped while Sparkling Fey Emblem is equipped.


  • The following items are no longer considered surplus equipment with the Guild Stronghold coffer:
    • Locket of Skilled Hands
    • Sigil of Neverwinter
    • Belt of the Lionhearted
    • Neverwintan Buckle

User Interface


  • Indicators for recommended items, items in the trade menu, and items in the conversion menu once again properly appear on item icons.


  • (Console only) Enchantments that would change the binding level of an item will now properly display a warning message when players attempt to attach them.

Performance and Stability


  • Certain very-old characters can now properly log in.

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