NHL 21 Update 1.3 Patch Notes | December 3 Patch for PS4, Xbox One

EA Sports has released the latest NHL 21 Update 1.3 and is now rolling out to all supported platforms. NHl 21 Patch 1.3 notes are also available for you to read through and see what has changed or have been added to the game. It was already confirmed by the EA community manager that a patch is on its way this week.

As per the patch notes of this NHL 21 Update 1.3, this patch is mainly about fixing a lot of issues that players had been complaining about. The devs team have updated dive block animations to be more flush to the ice and a fix for users being forced out of vision control when receiving a manual saucer pass among various desync fixes.

NHL 21 Patch 1.3 Notes | December 3

Here are the complete patch notes for the NHL 21 Update 1.3 is that is rolling out to everyone right now. One of the highlights of this patch is a new ‘Max Average Ping’ setting in HUT that will allow you to restrict the maximum ping used during matchmaking.

NHL 21 Update 1.3 Patch Notes

These are the official patch notes:



  • Fixes to cases where tripping penalties were being missed
  • Updated dive block animations to be more flush to the ice
  • Fix for users being forced out of vision control when receiving a manual saucer pass
  • Fixed a case where one-timers from specific pass angles were weaker than expected
  • Fixed a case where players were not being called for goalie interference when hitting the goaltender after taking a shot
  • Various Desync fixes


  •  Fixed a case where the puck could go through the goalies stick 
  •  Fixed an issue where goalies were auto-covering the puck through the net when on the post


  • Fixed a case where the AI would get stuck behind the net during a breakout
  • Improved situations where defensive AI players would lose their assignments off a faceoff tieup loss
  • Fixed an issue where defenders would skate away from the play if their target went for a line change


  • Fixed the bug where players with low overalls and player roles have high trade value in Franchise
  • Fixed the bug where franchise Record Book tuning are not displaying accurate stats
  • Fixed the bug where auto created players in franchise get created with 0/99 for all the skating style sliders

Be A Pro

  • Fixed the bug where low player overall still grants captaincy in sophomore year
  • Fixed the bug where shift length timer counts slower than it should
  • Misc. conversation and challenge fixes


  • Added a ‘Max Average Ping’ Setting to HUT Online Game Modes which can be used to reduce or increase the Maximum Average Ping you’ll matchmake with.
  • Added the ability to Hide the impact of Team Synergies (from other players) in the Player Information screen
  • HUT Rush Events using players from your HUT Collection will now pre-populate your Team by automatically picking your highest rated players available. You’ll still be able to make changes before confirming your team for the Event.
  • Fixed an issue where Quick Swap wasn’t available to add Locked Players to Powerplay or Penalty Kill Lines in HUT Rush 5v5 Events
  • Fixed an issue in HUT Rush where sometimes both teams Mascots wore the same jersey

World of CHEL


  • Added a ticker stats system in the WoC HUB to better showcase your Career Stats, Club Stats, Player Rank, and Club Finals Results and you can click into those stats to be brought to new stats summary screens
  • Created a new screen to track Player Career Stats, Club Stats, Player Rank Stats and Club Finals stats
  • Added additional content into WoC for upcoming Chel Challenges. Check back often to collect the latest cool new content


  • Fixed an infrequent crash at the end of a club finals game
  • Fixed an issue where the screen became completely black during a penalty shot
  • Fixed a rare crash that would occur when skipping the outro NIS in an EASHL game
  • Fixed an issue where equipping facemasks would cause hair clipping through helmets
  • Fixed a post-game issue that caused the GAA and Save % for goalies to be cut off in the 3 stars of the game showcase

What do you think of the minor new features added in NHL 21 Patch 1.3? From the looks of the patch notes, there have been tons of bugs addressed, but they also added a few new small features here and there.

[via EA]

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