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Marvelous and Grasshopper Manufacture has released this No More Heroes 3 Update 1.0.1 and here are the complete patch notes for this. This update is a pre-launch patch or some may call it the day-one patch since the game is still a few days away from release. However, it is good to see the developers working on to make the game stable since the very first day.

You should be able to download and install this No More Heroes 3 Update 1.0.1 once the game goes live for all the players. Since it is not out yet, we do not have the update file size yet. All the relevant information you need to know regarding the patch has been covered in the full release notes below.

No More Heroes 3 Update 1.0.1 Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for No More Heroes 3 Update 1.0.1 that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:

New Features

  • Added “Spicy” mode to the difficulty selection at the start of the game, in addition to the two modes “Berry Sweet” and “Bitter” .
  • Added the difficulty level “Carolina Reaper” mode that is released when the game is cleared on the first lap.

Bug Fixes

  • Free conversation text of the map NPC is, “Spanish” when the body set “German”,
    “German” when the body set “Italian”, “Italian” when the body set “Spanish”
    is Fixed the listed bugs.
  • Fixed a bug where in time machine battles, if you select “Return to motel” when the battle is defeated and then perform a specific procedure, the event will not occur and you will not be able to proceed.
  • Fixed a bug where the difficulty level of the game was changed after selecting “Return to motel” when the battle was defeated in a time machine battle .
  • Fixed a bug that caused a gap between subtitles and sound that occurred in a part of the story cutscene.
  • Fixed a bug that Travis couldn’t get out of some background gaps and slipped through.
  • Fixed a bug where some text was out of the frame.
  • Fixed some events that could be stuck.
  • Fixed other bugs.


  • Supports frame rate stabilization.
    • Supports UI / HUD quality improvement.
  • Supports quality improvement of background 3D models.
  • Supports quality improvement of sound data.
  • Supports replacement of some sound data.

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Source: Marvelous Japan

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