No More Heroes 3 Update 1.02 Patch Notes on Sept. 30

Marvelous Japan has just deployed No More Heroes 3 Update 1.02 and we have the complete patch notes for your reading pleasure. The new update brings in adjustments related to specifications and bug fixes as well.

The update is available globally on all supported platforms. You can find all the relevant information for No More Heroes 3 Patch Notes: Update 1.02 down below. The file size of the update has not been disclosed just yet.

No More Heroes 3 Patch Notes: Update 1.02

Here are the complete patch notes for No More Heroes 3 Update 1.02 available on all supported platforms:

★ Version Ver.1.0.2

★ Update contents

◇ Adjustment related to specifications

-Relaxed the conditions for the appearance of “Dragon Road” bike missions from gold acquisition in 6 bike missions to silver or higher in 6 bike missions.
-Added new BGM for Midorikawa Midori Battle and Ryuichi Battle.
-Added two new professional wrestling techniques that Travis performs on full face (enemy).

◇ Bug fix

-Fixed a bug where you could not proceed if you accessed the capsule toy and hit the A button repeatedly when you were short of money.
-Fixed a bug that the game screen may freeze during loading and it may not be possible to proceed.
-Fixed a bug that Travis and Enemy couldn’t get out of some background gaps and slipped through.
-Fixed a bug where bike missions could not be started when the language setting was set to Spanish or Chinese (traditional).
-Fixed a bug where the Deathman card collection mission could not be started when the language setting was set to French.
-Fixed a bug that the content is incorrect, the display time is short, and the text is out of the frame.
-Fixed a bug where the video, subtitles, and audio were out of sync when playing cutscenes.
-Fixed a bug that the screen may not return after playing a cutscene or after an event conversation.
-Fixed a bug around the UI where the physical strength of Todome Slash and Enemy may not be displayed.
-Fixed a bug where the vibration of the Eighty Chip reacts even during an adventure event.
-Fixed a bug where some effects that occurred during battles and events remained displayed.
-Fixed a bug that the enemy did not disappear and remained after defeating the enemy.
-Fixed a bug that some SEs are ringing twice or the sound that should be ringing is not sounding.
-Fixed other bugs.

◇ Other

-Changed the color of the Memorial (NMH2) T-shirt.
-Supports quality improvement of sound data.
-Supports performance optimization.

You can find the original Japanese version of the patch notes for the game down below:

★バージョン Ver.1.0.2








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Source: Marvelous Japan

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